Is your car from 2008 or later?  With this error you will not pass ITV

Is your car from 2008 or later? With this error you will not pass ITV

One of the most feared witnesses on the car dashboard is MIL. It may show many things, but the fact is that it will not allow you to broadcast ITV if your car was registered in 2008 or later.

The automotive technical inspections, which we all know as ITV, increasingly imposes restrictions. Not for nothing, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) considers that most road accidents are related to malfunction or maintenance of vehicles moving around the road.

ITV was done mandatory in Spain in 1987 and, since then, the tests that operators do to check the condition of vehicles are becoming more complete.

Witness MIL

One of the flaws that ITV sees as the worst today is the appearance of the MIL warning light on the dashboard. It means Light Performance Indicator and determines the failure of an unknown engine.

It’s yellow and, trying to pass ITV with it and your car was registered in 2008 or lateryou must know that you will not pass it on.

This is the witness MIL.

In addition, one of the most recent revisions that has been introduced is the electronic monitoring of the vehicle’s condition OBD diagnostic system.

With this device, it is possible to determine the errors in it, even if they do not appear on the control panel. That is to say, it will not be worth anything to close it, as the OBD will indicate that an error exists and will be considered a serious defect.

ITV related fines

The MIL witness will make the inspection worse, forcing you to drive just to drive the seminar. and forced to return to ITV in less than two months.

If you do not, The fine will be 200 eurosbut there are more ITV related fines you should know:

  • Round with ITV expired: 200 euros
  • Round and ITV negative: 500 euros
  • Driving without an ITV sticker (even if appropriate): 80 euros.
  • Round with ITV false poster: up to 720 euros

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