Is this street cursed or is it very dangerous?

Is this street cursed or is it very dangerous?

On this road in Mexico, taking a car can end badly. As you can see, many drivers have fallen off this slope.

It is difficult to find any elevation beyond this slope, and yet local officials had no problem leaving this road open for cars.

Only here, as these pictures will show us, motorists are allowed to descend but it is at their own risk!

Yes, many drivers have crashed into this streetwhether you are in a car or even on a scooter, no one escapes it. It is also very crazy to see that all these accidents happen in one place, at intersection.

Each time, the drivers seem to want to turn around but in the direction of the road, The trick is far from easy!

To avoid!

What is certain with this road is that it is best avoided. It is better to go a long way and go around this part of the city instead of seeing his car crash stupidly.

In addition, this narrow and steep road appears to be a two-way street which is not a gift either. In short, this is a trap that we should never fall into.

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