Is it worth investing in Xpel to protect your Tesla’s paint?

Is it worth investing in Xpel to protect your Tesla’s paint?

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The question is not new because the color quality of Tesla is frequently criticized in forums by owners. The Xpel solution comes up every now and then but is it worth the investment? Here are the owner’s comments.

“For me, it’s 100% worth it,” the owner testifies

I have matte pff on my car. To me, it’s 100% worth it. I realize that quotes can be high. I paid around $5000 for a full PPF with two coats of ceramic coating, so shop around.

Do not forget that a car is not an investment. He will depreciate. The market is calm right now because of some big issues, but that will end in time. I will give you my arguments that will help you to plunge in case you hesitate.

  • The car is easier to clean after installing this film. Thanks in part to the ceramics, but mostly thanks to the PPF.
  • The car has no scratches or stains.
  • I get a lot of compliments and thumbs up from guests. Of course, I’ve also taken it down to aftermarket coils and rims, but it’s the line that gets the most feedback.
  • It’s easy to tell your car apart from all the other Teslas on the road.
  • I got a scratch from a branch while parking, it wasn’t too deep but it was noticeable. I put a hair dryer on it for about 20 minutes and it went away.

I didn’t lock my car to “protect my investment”. I did this because it’s amazing, easy to clean and unique/different. Also, full color correction is done on the bottom (any reputable shop will do this before applying PPF), so it’s basically the same on the bottom. Only you know what can make something like this “fit”. For me, cost was not a big factor and I could easily afford it.