Is France the most taxing country?

Is France the most taxing country?

The amount of fuel tax in France is about 65% in France. But is this the worst situation in Europe? Almost, but not quite.

Many of you are probably complaining about fuel prices, and especially where taxes can take on the price of a liter of unleaded fuel or diesel. Big deficits for the Government since the tax on fuel is in the Top 5 of the government’s income, to finance many things. But are we the worst on the planet? In Europe alone, several countries charge more for fuel than we do.

France in the forefront of the oil tax

Surprise, surprise, France is not a fuel tax country. Some of our neighbors are doing worse, as pointed out by ACEA, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, recently abandoned by Stellantis and Volvo. With more than €800 in tax per 1000 liters of unleaded, the Netherlands is first, ahead of Italy, Finland and Greece. France ranks only fifth.

Let’s remember that the European law of 2003 obliges Member States setting a tax floor of at least €359 per 1000 litres of unleaded 95. States can of course go higher, since there is no “higher” limit.

Posted on 08/04/2022 Updated 08/04/2022