IPI cut: Fiat cuts car prices again: see values

IPI cut: Fiat cuts car prices again: see values

Fiat Pulse (Photo: Advertising/Fiat)

The government reduced the Industrial Goods Tax (IPI) on several products at the end of February. Cars are among them. In this case, the discount was 18.5%. As a result, brands have been announcing discounts on their cars. THE Fiat he was one of them. All of its models are affordable with reduced IPI.

Fiat reduced prices for the entire line (Photo: Solutions/Fiat)

Check out the new Fiat car prices with IPI reductions

This deficiency was introduced through Order number 10,979, which was signed by President Jair Bolsonaro on February 25. As you have been following in the past few days, several manufacturers, such as Kia and Hyundai, have announced their new price lists. And now it’s Fiat’s turn to follow suit.

Fiat Argo (Photo: Advertising/Fiat)

All models were discounted. Input example, Fiat Mobi, is sold in two versions. The Like version costs BRL 60,163. Trekking style started to cost BRL 63,089. The discount remained between BRL 827 and BRL 901. All versions are equipped with engines 1.0 out of 74 hp.


Now let’s talk about the versions of argo. In this case, the price decreased by to BRL 2,087. This car can be found in four different trim options. O Section 1.0 it costs now BRL 70,477. At the same time, example Run 1.0 start costing BRL 75,335 . These two versions bring the engine under the hood 1.0 Fireflywhich produces 77 hp.

Fiat Cronos (Photo: Advertising/Fiat)

Motorized vehicles 1.3 Firefly it is also cheap. The engine can generate 109 hp. It is available in the form of the S-Design Drive, for example. the car costs BRL 78,884. Trekking Edition is offered by BRL 79,903 . The same engine mentioned above is used in the Fiat Cronos. The big cut was BRL 2,341.

Fiat 500e (Photo: Advertising/Fiat)

Made in Argentina, the style has versions 1.3those costs BRL 80,325and Run 1.3whose price dropped to BRL 85,649 . We can also show electricity 500 e. This model was released last year. The cost of the car BRL 252,675. Its electric motor can produce 118 hp. That is, BRL 3,315 love us

The Pulse Line

Fiat Pulse (Photo: Advertising/Fiat)

One of the automaker’s biggest launches in 2021 was Heart beat. According to the MLA platform, the car has arrived to place the Italian manufacturer in the compact SUV category. The car stands out for its attractive looks and value for money. Not to mention that it brought important information to the market.

The car can be found with different types of engines. One of them is 1.3 Fireflywhich produces 107 hp of strength. In all, two versions bring this engine. An example Drive 1.3 with manual transmission it costs BRL 86,056. An equipped car CVT transmission start costing BRL 94,804.

In this case, there was a big drawback BRL 2,186. At the same time, the most expensive models use a motor 1.0 turbo 130 hp. An example drive start costing BRL 103,446. Medium version to dare it costs now BRL 110,969.

Finally, the model that had the biggest shortfall among those using a turbo engine was the Impulse. the car costs BRL 121,605 (- BRL 1,805)

Cheap ads of Fiat light

Fiat Fiorino (Photo: Advertising/Fiat)

Fiat has been a standout in the light commercial vehicle market. Mainly because of their pictures. THE Stradafor example, it was the best-selling car of 2021. And it is already leading the ranking of 2022. In this case, the biggest drawback was BRL 2,489. already bull remains at the top of its category. The prices of their offerings have dropped to BRL 4,496.

You can check out more information about the two pickups here. Finally, we will talk Fiorino. The brand’s entry-level car was updated in 2021. It got interior and exterior changes. With the reduction of IPI, it became cheaper. The cost of the car BRL 100,869 (- BRL 2,131).

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