Interview: Jeep CEO Not Afraid Ford Bronco

Interview: Jeep CEO Not Afraid Ford Bronco

For Christian Meunier, CEO of Jeep, the arrival of Ford Bronco clearly represents the opportunity and he says he is not afraid of the competition.

yes Car Guide was invited to the Easter Jeep Safari, the annual annual Jeeps in honor of Moab, Utah. During the event, we were able to speak with Christian Meunier, a Frenchman who is now the head of the Jeep brand worldwide.

Health competition

The Jeep has long had free controls in the actual 4X4 segment. His mythical wrangler was the undisputed master of his unit, so much so that rival manufacturers did not even bother to give a competitive model, except perhaps the Toyota 4Runner.

However, the situation has been different since the arrival of Ford Bronco in 2021. Given with two or four doors as its rival, Bronco has the authority to seize the market owned by Wrangler. Engineers responsible for Bronco development have also studied Wrangler from top to bottom to identify features of improvement. They even held focus groups to monitor users in this niche.

All of this obviously does not prevent Christian Meunier from sleeping at night. “The competition is really good and we have no reason to be afraid,” he told us without hesitation. “Without being arrogant, we are confident that we are offering the best 4X4 car on the market with Wrangler,” he continued.

Eyes on Mr. Meunier, “Bronco’s arrival represents an opportunity”. For him, this is an opportunity to speed up the process, especially in terms of electricity. Furthermore, he did not hide his intentions in this regard: “We aspire to be a leader in the power of SUVs”. To this end, the Jeep presented in Moab its concept of Magneto 2.0, an all-electric Wrangler with manual transmission and 625 horsepower!

Photo: Stellantis

The most competitive small SUVs are coming

With Renegade and its current Compass, the Jeep is at the bottom of the pack in small parts of the utility vehicle. However, Christian Meunier assures us that he has a plan to rectify the situation. Although he is responsible for the Jeep brand worldwide, he is well aware that renting is very popular in Quebec and that the Jeep, especially with its two smaller SUVs, is lagging behind. He intends to work twice as hard to climb the slopes.

Additionally, as Stellantis launched last July, four electronic platforms will be developed for the global market: Small, Medium, Large and Frame. Thanks to these, the Jeep will have the opportunity to “reduce costs and become more competitive”, explained Mr. Meunier. “At Jeep, we’ll focus on 10% of car development which ensures its diversity,” he said.

Despite the changes in electronics, Mr. Meunier is of the opinion that “future Jeeps will be more capable than current”. Those promises. The first 100% electric model will also be presented by Jeep in 2023.

In the video: We rode a Jeep Magneto 2.0, a powerful 625 horsepower Wrangler!

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