Interior and exterior testing and qualification for the new Euro NCAP car

Interior and exterior testing and qualification for the new Euro NCAP car

Euro NCAP is the vehicle responsible for assessing safety in new vehicles. Independently, its features go largely to allow marriage and sale in Europe although these are based on many factors and not life.

Euro NCAP has been rEuropean standard for new car safety. The body performs a number of accident tests as well as giving more importance to normal equipment, before receiving the EU homologation which allows for sales in the member states of the Old Continent according to the last degree obtained.

Estimates that range from one to five stars, therefore if a certain style does not get any star, it does not mean that it can be put up for sale. since it will depend on other factors. The agency defines it as a fact of having five stars it is not an argument that the car is safe if, in the event of an accident, all involved will be harmless. Higher ratings give you an idea of ​​how safe the car is. But, in any case, the number of stars placed is lifeSo they have an expiration date.

An attempt to emulate the emergency brake system in Euro NCAP

Driving assistants order more in Euro NCAP

Six years from delivery, so after this period is over again and it is possible that the specific model loses points in the evaluation. The normal cycle of business life is seven years, some six and some up to a decade. When it gets longer, the manufacturer usually does improvements in the field of electronic equipment to provide more sophisticated operating assistants. This is where you will be able to lose more stars than to find them, because untouched is the structure of the chassis or frame, therefore. in the quest to stop working will maintain the initial evaluation found.

In fact, between different model bodies – for example, between compact and family – from the front to the middle column, even to the included rear doors, a large part of the structure tested in the front and side crash tests is the sameso there are values ​​that remain the same and untested The background conflict is, since this part is new to the nuclei of the body.

In the case of changing the chassis structure, which is common when a new model continues to be sold whose dimensions have changed, it also goes through the hoop of the security agent, which should improve. To a large extent, chassis upgrade also depends on the simulation results of the rescue operation. In addition, it must be considered Euro NCAP changed its qualification approach last year 2016so an example can have two counts.

    One corresponding to basic equipment that is sold in all European countriesand other more specific and options and in different markets. This means that a particular model may have 4 stars at the European level and five in Spain or Germany. Euro NCAP trials in four areas:

    • Adult protection (driver and front passenger)
    • child protection
    • Protection for pedestrians and cyclists
    • support systems

    The latter are the most important today, and they may be the reason for the greatest punishment. Although Europe needs minimum “ADAS” rateAdditional driving safety assistants ensure safe evaluation, but their inclusion in conventional equipment has been rejected due to cost and sales price issues.

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