Interesting!  When the Ford Explorer crushes the Corvette!

Interesting! When the Ford Explorer crushes the Corvette!

The Ford Explorer uses the Chevrolet Corvette C4 as a ramp and causes a lot of damage.

It is often said to be speed is one of the main reasons road accidents. You missed it! This time it is step by step that a strange collision took place there United States.

David vs. Goliath

Sometimes, for some unknown reason, a car that is aerodynamic is not always safe on the road. In the residential area Glendale in California, the car driver had an amazing experience. When he tried to turn the road on the wheel of a Chevrolet Corvette C4, an SUV crushed him while he was climbing on the roof of an American sports car. The driver of Ford Explorer cut a corner without a turn signal, causing a freak accident.

You see me, you don’t see me anymore!

The phone interruption on the wheel will be at the origin of this “muscle” assembly. Without protection, Corvette Chevy he saw his roof crushed by the 2 left wheels of 2.5 tons of SUVs. A damaged body functiona folded glass and badly damaged wing to the shock: the supplement promises to be salty! The SUV owner will have to be careful during his next outing.

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Whose fault is it?

Little news has spread about this accident and the pictures tell the story. But netizens have started the prediction game. If others accuse the SUV driver logically by pointing the finger at him lack of attention, others pointed out that the sun and the configuration of the Ford Explorer could hinder its maneuverability. We can also see in the comments that, for some, The Corvette didn’t slow down enough time to turn around.

All you have to do is judge for yourself by following the video link:

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