Intel announces that the chip problem will last for a long time

Intel announces that the chip problem will last for a long time

Video game tips and graphics cards that everyone can get at regular rates? At the moment, this seems to be a futile hope. Intel announces that chip shortages could cripple the technology industry by 2024. In extreme cases, shortages of popular brands could continue for several years.

Intel announces: Semiconductor shortages are expected to last until 2024

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger told CNBN on Friday that he expects the semiconductor industry to face shortages by 2024. This is a sad prospect for anyone hoping to justify market conditions in the coming year. At this time, however, the lack of production methods plays an important role in the ongoing shortage. This can be attributed to the fact that equipment shortages have now also affected production methods, which makes the state of semiconductor manufacturing more complex.

A major problem with the production of semiconductors is that they are required for many different technical equipment. If there is a shortage, this affects many production chains at the same time, which no longer yields in normal amounts. The more semiconductors that are needed in one product, the harder it is to produce the device. In addition, the overall demand for semiconductors has increased dramatically in the last few years. This is due to the global digital proliferation, which means that chips can be found in more devices than ever before. In the days when semiconductors could be easily purchased from large factories, this was not a problem.

But now semiconductor production has not improved worldwide for a long time, the shortage is crippling the technology industry. Therefore, companies cannot provide products, in small quantities or under the worst possible conditions. If purchased equipment becomes more expensive, some of the price should be passed on to customers. This results in a shortage of equipment from washing machines to smart phones to electric vehicles.

Intel invests in semiconductor factories in the United States and Europe

Since Pat Gelsinger took over as CEO of Intel in February 2021, Intel has begun making significant investments in promoting chip manufacturing across multiple websites. The company is therefore investing heavily in the electronics manufacturing industry – but this cannot overcome the current shortage of semiconductor upgrades immediately. Construction of production facilities requires not only financial resources, but also time. Currently, massive chip production worldwide is still taking place in Asia. For future disasters, production equipment targeted at the United States and Europe could avoid many problems. In the short term, however, they will not be able to compensate for the shortage of resources that have already been created.

Bad expectations for consumers

Unfortunately, the Intel ad reflects what has been happening in the consumer market since the beginning of this epidemic. The products needed will continue to be more difficult to find in the future. If you want to get the device you want quickly, you must sometimes accept a higher price charge, as in the example of the Playstation 5. Until the available semiconductors condition stabilizes, users will have to wait patiently for the equipment they want.

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