Infinity Train carnage, or the worst SVoD pacing

Infinity Train carnage, or the worst SVoD pacing

Series cancellations and disappearances Infinity Train from HBO Max is a sad, but instructive, case of the streaming platform’s problem.

Some time ago, the Big Screen wondered about the chaos caused by the cancellation of Batgirl as a result of Warner’s mismanagement of its production. However, it was inevitable that such a thing (which never happened) would be a bad omen in many other ways. Recently, Warner Bros. Discovery — now led with an iron fist by David Zaslav — is cleaning up its programs with rare brutality. Going against the old policy of Jason Kilar (former president of WarnerMedia), it’s a total overhaul of the HBO Max streaming platform that’s thrown many artists into turmoil..

Complete deletion of Batgirl it was a clever disaster announcement. The only captain aboard his ship, Zaslav seems capable enough to overhaul HBO Max’s entire schedule (for economic reasons, but ultimately the reasons don’t matter here) in a very short amount of time. In short, even artists have no information and often find themselves faced with a fait accompli.

Many programs that are not included in the platform have recently been deleted or even canceled. More than thirty series on HBO Max have been canceled. Among them, one case in particular is instructive: that ofInfinity Traina popular name created by Owen Dennis. More than a simple cancellation, the program is the victim of a major compromise of its existence on the Internet. Which must highlight one of the most dangerous vulnerabilities found in SVoD systems.

When the train stops suddenly

Infinity train terminus

So yes, the subject has already been mentioned several times on the web. But if we come back again, it is because this case is not small. It is even characteristic of an important problem specific to the new media of distribution, the results of which are increasingly visible. In short, it is the endangerment of DVDs and Blu-rays, in favor of “everything without form”, that represents the heart of the matter. At present, the gradual disappearance of the physical medium is already questioning the nature of works that exist only on platforms..

Infinity Train, which originally aired on Cartoon Network, was released in 2020 as an HBO Max exclusive for its third season. The series at the time was already threatened with cancellation, considered too dark for the anime format (concerns now also extend to new anime series. Batman, not scheduled from HBO Max). Despite everything, it seemed that it does not think that more than its deletion, its entire deletion awaits. Completely rejected by Warner Bros. discovery, Infinity Train it could no longer exist at all.

Infinity Train: PicturesPlatforms and nothingness

To be precise, Infinity Train is available (as of this moment, at least) still available for purchase on Youtube, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vudu and Google Play. Plus, as Owen Dennis’s new Twitter profile sadly points out, The series can still be seen thanks to piracy (the loophole that streaming platforms had to remove).

But such a situation does not guarantee any durability of Dennis’s work and condemns it to an unknown fate in which the means of obtaining it legally will gradually disappear. On the website Train of Thought by Owen Dennis, The creator of the series summarized the problem this way:I don’t know how long the series will stay on all these online services. […] This is the scary thing when we no longer use physical media.“Unfortunately, the lifeline that the physical body could have been is already a punctured lifeline.

Infinity Train: PicturesA streaming paradise opens up in the void


We have seen recently out of stock on all online sales sites for the first season DVD ofInfinity Train. A stock that probably won’t be updated to follow Warner’s guidelines. This leads to an impressive increase in DVD sales prices on sites like eBay (some deals go up to over $200).

This shortage happened very quickly after the series was canceled, and showed a wave of panic on the part of fans of the series. A chance for them to realize that Platforms open access to works, but never give away ownership of them. Finally, no DVD was ever released for seasons 3 and 4 (since it was only released on HBO Max, so). Since then, Infinity Train already one foot is empty without knowing it.

Infinity Train: PicturesWhen you realize your heartbeat is gone

He is upset with Warner Bros. Discovery, and without hesitation to describe them as unprofessional and inaccurates”, Owen Dennis spoke about the fate of his series. However, if we’re being honest, it’s not Warner’s decision or his motivations (that we know of) that is the source of the problem.. The real issues are at the level of the entire film and series industry: we recently asked them about Disney’s attitude towards itAvatar on Disney+.

This is the true tragedy of the SVoD platforms, which gradually deprive artists of their work to make them a replaceable and replaceable product of their list, victims of violence and make them an object of alienation, therefore perishable. Finally, the death of the physical medium should make the caseInfinity Train more and more common and significantly change the industry.

The current effects of such a phenomenon were mentioned by Matt Damon, adding food for thought on the subject. It is for this reason that vigilance is required and that it is better not to take lightly any offense made by streaming services to the integrity of artworks, to ensure their protection as much as possible.