Infiniti Project Black S, Renault Sport F1 involved in the project

Infiniti Project Black S, Renault Sport F1 involved in the project

The future Infiniti hybrid coupe is known as Project Black S, a project that has seen support from the Renault Sport F1 team.

Nissan’s sports and luxury unit, Infiniti, was able to rely on the experience of the Renault Sport F1 team to promote its future hybrid.

Renault Sport F1 owned by Infiniti

With a 3.0l V6 biturbo engine and ready to develop 400 hp, the Q60 Red Sport 400 is no exception. It is an excellent turbocharged V6 engine that offers good performance, but it is not enough to shake the BMW M4s, for example.
So to fix this, the Renault-Nissan Union’s sports and luxury brand has hired the services of the Renault Sport F1 to operate on a hybrid engine. It uses technology directly from Formula 1.

The concept of Project Black S provides power of 500 hp due to the contribution of the same hybrid system present in F1. It also inherits the restoration of the kinetic energy released during the brake phases and the exhaust gas temperature to store them in the lithium-ion battery and unlock it later to assist the turbo when acceleration is required.

“Infiniti is a Renault-Nissan Alliance car manufacturer and technical partner of the Renault Sport Formula One team, so it is only natural to come together to explore the possibility of bringing innovative hybrid technology to our customers. ” Says Infiniti President Roland Krueger. “Infiniti has always led the way in delivering new innovative electric train technology, and we are very pleased with Project Black S.’s capabilities.”

Although it is currently a concept, it is not clear if this hybrid coupe will reach the production stage, Infiniti is not used to turning its concept of a car into a production vehicle. . On the other hand, hybrid research of this engine can be applied to another high-performance coupe … A particular Nissan GT-R.

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