“Infiniti” on Canal +, “Destination Cosmos”, In the eyes of Thomas Pesquet… Our cultural selection to get the height

“Infiniti” on Canal +, “Destination Cosmos”, In the eyes of Thomas Pesquet… Our cultural selection to get the height

SPACE – The month of April will be marked by intense political events and presidential elections, but it is also rich in cultural excursions on the theme of… space.

So to take a little longer this school holiday period, here is a special selection of cosmos. Movies, comics, shows, documentaries, podcasts, music or series… there is something for everyone, and for every generation.

Apollo 10½

What if a rocket had been sent to the Moon before the famous Apollo 11 mission? This is what Stan, a young boy from Houston, Texas, will think in the summer of 1969. And it is he, of course, who will be chosen by two NASA agents for the launch of Apollo 10. and a half. Hired in the middle of the playground, Stan is the only hope for the plan for this first trip to the moon, because the module created is too small for an adult. Even before Neil Armstrong, the boy then embarked on an unprecedented top secret journey.

Beyond these childish dreams, this animated film takes us straight back to the 60s, marked by space conquests and ubiquity, making a new generation dream. It is inspired by the childhood memories of its Oscar-winning director Richard Linklater.

    In the eyes of Thomas Pesquet

In the eyes of Thomas Pesquet

A new documentary dedicated to Thomas Pesquet is scheduled to be shown in theaters on Wednesday April 27, 2022. During his six months on the ISS, at an altitude of 400 kilometers, the French astronaut recorded many images of his mission. He worked remotely with Jürgen Hansen and Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff, directors. “He filmed himself and his teammates (…) We exchanged emails. I sent him a list of film images, and we made common points,” explains Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff on the microphone of TV5 World.

Together, they then selected images that show the fragility of our planet, seen from space. “Going into space allows you to have a perspective that you can’t have on Earth”, explains the astronaut in the film’s trailer.

In the eyes of Thomas Pesquet will be accompanied by another short film to complete the session: Johnny Express and Woo Kyungmin (5′20), trip to the moon and Georges Méliès (12′46), Raspberry flavor and David Noblet (17’06), Gagarin and Fanny Liatard and Jérémy Trouilh (15′30) and Sidereal and Carlos Segundo (15′19).

    Destination Cosmos at Atelier des Lumières

Destination Cosmos at Atelier des Lumières

After Klimt, Van Gogh, Dali or even Cézanne, Atelier des lumière changes the register and Destination of the Cosmos, an exhibition produced in collaboration with the National Center d’Etudes Spatiales (Cnes). The digital art center, located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, immerses the visitor in the heart of the world with beautiful images displayed all around him.

After leaving Earth, he is invited to cross the canyons of Mars with rovers (vehicles designed to explore the surface of the celestial body), dive into the heart of Jupiter, fly over the rings of Saturn and then go beyond the boundaries of our system. explore the vastness of our universe.

This exhibition, already proposed in October 2021, was a great success. So he’s back for 14 special evenings from April 22 to May 7, 2022.


In Kazakhstan, a decapitated body is discovered on the roof of a building that appears to have been dipped in wax. An already completed investigation becomes even more so when the body is identified as that of Anthony Kurz, an astronaut allegedly on a mission to the International Space Station (ISS). And as if that wasn’t enough, Dunia lost all communication with the famous station following the dock accident. Astronaut Anna Zarathi will then try to solve this riddle, with the help of Isaak Turgun, a Kazakh soldier.

With this complex situation that has come to turn the minds of viewers, Canal + signs a new original series, launched on April 4 on the platform. Between science fiction and thrillers, it creates a very special atmosphere with a dark plot led by an international cast.

    New Odyssey Space

New Odyssey Space

After creating the YouTube channel for science fiction named after him Mindful Walking which has almost 700,000 subscribers, Théo Drieu launches a podcast dedicated to space.

He is very fond of astronomy and world stories, he explains all the challenges of modern space conquest. New Odyssey Space, available on Spotify. For this, he is going to meet astronauts, researchers, engineers, and other executives involved in changes in the space industry.

To date, two 20-minute episodes have been released. In the first, published on April 12, 2022, Théo Drieu introduces the idea of ​​”NewSpace”, which mentions all the new private players in the industry, including Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. And in the second, it is the rockets that are in the spotlight, whose trips have increased in recent years. The podcast then tries to trace their history to better understand this revolution.

chance reich

Space ReichVolume 5″ title=”Space ReichVolume 5″/>
Sun Editions chance reichVolume 5

Sun Editions

A fictional cartoon based on historical fact: this is the idea that Richard D. Nolane, the author of the cartoon, had. chance reich. The story takes place in the middle of the World War, in the summer of 1945. The Americans send rockets into space to challenge Nazi Germany. But what they face is a great enemy: Werner von Braun, one of the chief engineers of the Third Reich, who has long dreamed of conquering space.

In the first volume released in 2015, Richard D. Nolane has an interesting history to change: Pétain is dead, an air base has been built by the Germans in Brittany, and Rudolf Hess is Hitler’s successor … already the fifth volume has been launched at the latest on April 20, 2022, where this last character becomes the new Führer, and also makes the world aspirational. But to stop him, De Gaulle decides on a suicide mission against their base in France.

Space playlists

spotify playlist
Spotify spotify playlist “pov: looking at the world from space”


In terms of music, there’s no shortage of space-themed playlists on streaming platforms. Spotify offers one filled with sounds that can all be part of the soundtrackInterstellar. It has been mentioned pov: you are looking at the world from space, literally suggests a “viewing the world from space” situation. With the helmet on, it would almost feel like an astronaut on a spacewalk.

Another playlist for gaining altitude, was launched by Thomas Pesquet when he was on the ISS in 2021. Every day during his space mission, he added new music in space vibrations, published on Deezer. From Angèle to Metronomy via Phoenix, we find all the artists whose music has been heard from space.

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