Infiniti: all you need to know about the Canal + space series

Infiniti: all you need to know about the Canal + space series

Infiniti, a brand new Canal + Original Creation, will be launched on April 4th. A true UFO in PAF, this elegant series carried by Céline Sallette revolves around exciting and scientific stories, and will make viewers gain height by removing it from the weight of reality.

The ISS is no longer responding. When his crew disappeared, a beheaded corpse was found on a roof in Kazakhstan. The identity is official: it is Anthony Kurz, an American astronaut who should be in the ISS at the moment … Isaac Turgun, a Kazakh soldier who is hated by his corrupt leadership for his invincible integrity is trying to understand what would happen. He soon joins Anna Zarathi, a French astronaut who had to take part in a mission in the international capsule, and who cannot pretend to believe that the American is no longer in the ISS.

Amidst the size of Kazakhstan’s steppes, its landscapes are suspended as if out of time, and the boundaries of space, Infiniti are already offering for this amazing diversity an exciting journey caused by photos by director Thierry Poiraud (Do Not Grow Up).

Although Thomas Pesquet’s aerial events have fascinated France and the world, the series goes behind the scenes as it resurfaces the triumph of space. The great political victory – and the fate of the ISS in the midst of the Ukraine war is a cruel reminder of this today – and a similar philosophical victory. Because you have to be a little crazy to start “on the big tin in the most hostile environment in the world”, says the character in the series who also invites you on a journey to the rational boundaries.

Scientific belief confronts that of mysteries.

“We did not set any limits. We left the usual excitement to go to the science fiction. A scientific story that is not shown by the distortion of specific effects but by the characters”, inform the creative teams. Graduating as a wonderful master with Canal +, the director said he was inspired by the reality of the Prime Minister’s Communication with Denis Villeneuve, in an interesting sense in Interstellar and Christopher Nolan, with positions according to Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity) and Andreï Tarkovski. (Solaris), but also LA Siri and Se7en investigations, or even intrigue and drawer way Lost. It is true that there is a bit of all that in Infiniti, but not only that.

Writers Stéphane Pannetier and Julien Vanlerenberghe, on the other hand, are passionate about the mystery that has arisen around rocket launchers, modern technological objects planted in the middle of the desert plains where rare people have developed deep superstitions, shamans mocking pride of human beings in wanting to “play God”. They also wanted to address industrial issues related to the seizure of space which, at the end of the sequence, arises for the men sitting behind their computer screens.

Stéphane Pannetier and Julien Vanlerenberghe also revealed that they were encouraged by Pierre Bayard’s book “There are other worlds”, which confirms the idea of ​​the worlds in parallel with describing their difficulty which is exemplified by the emotions that have already appeared.

Infiniti therefore takes on a western scientific perspective, a worldly excitement, and engages in contemplating how faith and science would be two sides of the same coin.

Top drama

Céline Sallette (L’Apollonide: Souvenirs de la maison close; Vernon Subutex) plays Anna, a female astronaut inspired by Claudie Haigneré (with whom writers and actors spoke). His character goes through a state of failure that plunges him into what could be life problems, psychological problems, or something more irrational. “The big question for Anna is whether to pass or fail. It’s close to us. It’s good to recycle because we all explore different versions of our lives,” says the actress.

Daniyar Alshinov (Black, Black) plays a detective whose metal integrity brings him many enemies. The suffering that carries him quenches the thirst for unquenchable justice, which the actor manages to breathe deeply.

Film segment in Ukraine

Baikonur, where the cosmodrome is located, was for the director a good place to bring back the Cold War fantasy (which is no longer the case since the end of filmmaking …).

But internal ammunition did not take place there. 70% of the interior photographs were taken in Ukraine, where Russian beauty was difficult to pass on to people, the team says. “We lived for two and a half months in Kyiv. Today it is painful because we have friends there,” says Céline Sallette. “We chose Ukraine because it is a country with a very high level of technical production,” say the producers.

Teams came from all over the world, and all the while six languages ​​were spoken on the set. This global phenomenon, and that of geography and politics at the bottom – with a terrifying side of the preview that gives extra thickness to the story – ends by enriching it to make the Infiniti event more interesting.

Infiniti, consisting of six 52-minute episodes, will be shown from April 4 on Canal + and MyCanal.