Infiniti: 5 Reasons for Leaving the French Air Force

Infiniti: 5 Reasons for Leaving the French Air Force

Work by Alexis Lebrun April 5, 2022

First reviewed at the CANNESERIES festival last weekend, the latest canal of CANAL + Original Creation impresses with its authenticity and ambitions. So if you have not yet started the journey, this is why you should board the Infiniti ship.

Horrific exploration between Earth and space

Infiniti, first and foremost is a little horrible whodunnit based on a unique mystery. Kazakhs soldier Isaak Turgun discovers a decapitated body on the roof of a building that appears to have been dipped in wax. The platform is already a bit complicated and the investigation is taking a toll when the body is identified as that of Anthony Kurz, an astronaut who is said to be on a mission inside the International Space Station… cunning, ISS went backwards and could no longer communicate with the outside world.

One wonders of course whether the three crew members are still alive, but in any case, the time is running out if a rescue operation must be launched. Fortunately, on Earth there is an astronaut perfectly suited for this mission, and for good reason: he should have been third on the board, if the inconvenience during the previous ascent did not affect his participation. The astronaut with a blocked dream is Anna Zarathi, a Frenchman who can also help Isaak understand why Anthony Kurz shouted his name at the time of the accident …

A combination of genre between exciting and scientific stories

Suffice it to say that the strange plot ofInfiniti it does more than science fiction, and increases the level of mystical generosity as well. Because the series is largely about the conflict between science and faith, especially because of the geographical position in which the series takes place. The bodies have been discovered near the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, where the ancient religious beliefs of nomads mock the celestial spheres to try to fulfill a few miles and the center.

Infiniti so it is not enough to combine the two main types which are exciting and sci-fi. There is also a shocking effect on people when shamanism and traditional superstition occur, and in general, this complex whole that also exacerbates the backs. deserves commendation for his determination.

Drown into Baikonur Cosmodrome

There is even a political trend inside Infiniti, as the international airport where most of the conspiracy takes place there is a huge and small conflict between the people and especially the cooperating nations at the International Space Station. Very quickly, we are trapped in this race and the alliances that are being made and nullified between the Americans, the Chinese, the Russians and the French depending on the turmoil and the turn.

We are also thrilled to see the characters transform into the neat construction of the Baikonur cosmodrome, whose retrofuturistic beauty also marks the end of the world, that of international space cooperation, covered by private launchers like SpaceX. This dive is even more interesting as space-based jobs rarely spend much time in a place like this, which is nonetheless important.

Pictures of Kazakhstan and air travel

Apparently, these intense indoor landscapes contrast with the grandeur and beauty of the Kazakhs that surround the cosmodrome field. It is in this unique context that the investigation continues, between the dilapidated buildings of the former USSR and the site where the Soviets conducted nuclear tests during the Cold War.

These desert images are well illustrated by French director Thierry Poiraud, a filmmaker, who has the opportunity to try his hand at science fiction for the first time. It draws a striking contrast between the warmth of these natural landscapes and the coolness of the cosmodrome, not to mention the occasional spectacular events that take place in the sky, and which throws many people in spite of ways that must remain slightly compared to those of major references. Anglo-Saxon a space film that affects the series. In short, Infiniti you do not travel, but you must love the turmoil.

International actress led by Céline Sallette

Final summary ofInfiniti its distribution is clear. Indeed, we find in the main role Céline Sallette, a good regular participant in the Creative + Creative Design, having already played, among others, in Spirits (2012), Vernon Subutex (2019) na Moto (2020). The French actress is wearing her astronaut suit, but also in English she worked for several months for a series of needs, which brings together a multinational nation.

We recognize of course Kazakh Daniyar Alshinov, the revelation of excitement Man of Darkness, Darkness (Adilkhan Yerzhanov, 2019), and who impresses in the role of this rebellious soldier who suffered from a terrible past. He is best accompanied by his Kazakh partner Samal Yeslyamova, the Best Actress Award at Cannes in 2018 for. Ayka (Sergueï Dvortsevoi), and we also find Romanian actress Vlad Ivanov, who recently appeared in Musicians (Corneliu Porumboiu, 2019), along with Belgian Laurent Capelluto, who had just escaped. 2nd UFO season (s) (STATION +).

Infiniti 1 to 6 episodes, available on CANAL +.