in Zagreb an amazing world record

in Zagreb an amazing world record

Pushing your car by hand: the classic area “left on foot due to mechanical failure”. What for many represents a dream, in Croatian Tomislav Lubenjakin fact, it has been a record. Personal trainer trained to set up record of the longest distance he traveled by pushing a car for 24 hours. Great physical (and psychological) efforts that lasted almost 107 km!

(almost) non-stop marathon races

Lubenjak broke the original 82-kilometer record and thus set a new record between 27 and 28 April 2019. Typically, in order to make the company “human”, test organizers used a smart fortwo weighing 730 kg. For the legitimacy of the record, however , there was someone in the car (we can take an average weight of 70 kg), with six volunteers taking turns behind the wheel every four hours.

The record test was conducted in a circuit created in the center of Zagreb. Lubenjak has traveled 13 complete cycles stop completely after 23 hours and 18 minutes. It should be noted, however, that the trainer was given a three-minute break every hour to water and keep fit.

“Measuring human boundaries”

Video published by Euro News shows how business and intelligence go hand in hand with hundreds of people who for the duration of the trial have instigated and supported Lubenjak. Law enforcement in Zagreb handled traffic to make the recording attempt run as securely as possible.

At the end of 24 hours, a new world record holder for this incredible expertise was unveiled to the newspaper Croatian Week what motivated him to prepare:

“I am a former athlete and I imagine the physical and psychological challenges I would have to face. At the same time, as a personal trainer, I felt compelled to test myself on human boundaries. Only with this experience will I be able to train the best athletes in the world successfully. more ”.

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