In Ukraine, Fiat cars are becoming formidable anti-aircraft weapons

In Ukraine, Fiat cars are becoming formidable anti-aircraft weapons

In Ukraine, the war against the Russian invader continues, and Ukrainian soldiers are fighting whatever comes their way. The British NLAW, the American Spike, the Spear… Often, the weapons available are those contained in the latest arrivals of Western aid.

But the Ukrainian army is full of resources, and sometimes they can combine several arrivals to create hybrid weapons. After anti-tank buggies, anti-aircraft pick-ups have appeared on the battlefield, this time with War Zone.

Ukrainian soldiers have recently received from the Come Back Alive Foundation (“Come Back Alive”), which raised millions of euros in donationsunknown number of Fiat pick-up model Fullback.

At the end of April, Norway sent 100 Mistral missiles to Ukraine, along with an unknown number of launchers. Mistrals are weapons designed by the French company MBDA Missile Systems. Equipped with infrared guidance and a 3 kg explosive charge, these weapons are MANPADS, or man-portable surface-to-air missiles.


Only, Norwegian Soldiers come from the country’s navy, and arrive with a fixed foot and a place to stay. So they are not as portable as the NLAW and other Spears.

As revealed by photos published by Come Back Alive, these launchers were installed in the back of Italian pick-ups, to convert them into anti-aircraft vehicles.

“Mobile groups with MANPADS must act quickly. […] These vehicles are stable and fast, they will be able to help hit the moving targets., explains on Facebook director of the Foundation’s military department.