in the major league

in the major league

Auto123 conducts the first test of the 2023 Genesis G90.

Miami, Florida – It has been many years since the air conditioner has been used as the main selling point of a car. It’s like the motels that broadcast color television. But, if we can call it a given now, for three days in late July in the heat of South Florida, air conditioning let’s really appreciate it. None of the many features of the revised Genesis G90 2023 – and there are plenty of them – were of much value to those of us who are not used to the scorching heat of this place at this time of year.

Many features
The effective air conditioning has some competition in the G90, it has to be said. There is a seat massage system, present in the four seats of the flagship sedan of the Korean manufacturer, which is in its second generation. The VIP seat in the right rear row, which can be reclined almost completely back, is also a material for relaxation. There is also the function of real steering wheels, which reduces the turning radius of this boat close to a compact car. And the Smart air suspension system, which helps the car anticipate road accidents, so that passengers often do not notice anything. I could go on listing the good and bad features of this car, but I’ll stop there for now. later…

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