In summer, find out why the road is as dirty as in winter

In summer, find out why the road is as dirty as in winter

It’s a funny thing witnessed by some Batavian road users: a truck spreading salt on the road. In the middle of summer, and for more than 30 °. But why exactly?

If you live in a mountainous area or just go skiing in the winter, then you have probably crossed paths with them. These famous trucks spread salt on the road to avoid freezing patches in negative temperatures. Even if the method has its limits (below a certain temperature, salt is not very effective), it has been proven.. But who said that salt was only necessary in winter? Not the Dutch, obviously.

Salt the road in the summer, what an idea!

The news agency ANP shared a funny story: trucks spreading salt on the burning roads of the Netherlands, also in the grip of a heat wave. But what can salt be used for in summer? In fact, salt absorbs moisture, allowing both to cool the bitumen but also to capture the water contained in the bitumen. slow down the melting phenomenon of bitumen. “Trucks approaching the roundabout and braking and accelerating can damage the pavement, which becomes soft from the heat,” said a communications official from Flevoland province.

In some places in the Netherlands, the asphalt reaches 50 ° C. This is still lower than in France, where we have chosen to sprinkle the roads with fresh water.

Posted on 07/25/2022 Updated 07/25/2022