In Smart Cube, innovation never stops!

In Smart Cube, innovation never stops!

Smart Cube, an avant-garde reference in the world of smart homes/buildings in Luxembourg thanks to its unique concept, has managed to find a place in this growing market. The company succeeds in attracting customers looking for innovation, novelty and service, to improve the comfort of life and energy impact every day. In our vision, the building must comply with the rules of “Digital” and the Internet in order to move towards services, to be connected, to communicate, to be safe and directed to the user.

Mind you, equipment is no longer enough, more services are needed! It is for this reason that we have created Cube4Charge, Cube4Services and Cube4Demands so that the building can provide more services to their residents. This has allowed us to create a solution portfolio that has grown exponentially to meet all needs.

Today, we offer a superior, tailor-made and turnkey service to our clients who are accompanied by an AMO (project management assistant/Master Building Architect) throughout their project. To do so, we have decided to expand our scope of action by investing in two new companies, Cube4Metrum sa and Cube4Nexum sàrl with additional responsibilities and objectives of Smart Cube sàrl.

Therefore, we accelerate the energy transition by providing an energy monitoring and management tool for charging stations that allow, among other things, to shed the load of the building. In addition, we see a significant increase in the demand for repairs, which leads us to find new solutions adapted to this type of demand.

In order to remain a pioneer in this Smart Home market in Luxembourg, Smart Cube has invested in the development of a solution that respects the new “Matter” protocol (connected objects/IoT), whose sale is planned for the end of 2022. This is a standard protocol for all devices of IoT and defines a common basis for the integration of all Smart Home products. Therefore, a wide selection of products in this area will emerge and can be easily combined with each other.

So voice assistant technology like Amazon’s Alexa will be compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, or other Matter-enabled solutions/ecosystems.

In conclusion, our solutions will provide more opportunities in the Smart Home market allowing our customers to choose from a wide range of products to create their own safe and connected homes.

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