In short: A little news of the rally

In short: A little news of the rally

July 2022

In short, this is the last month’s little news. All the little things to know, and which we haven’t really talked about, are summarized in a few lines. So there are no more excuses for not knowing the news of the rally.

What is the news of the month?

The Eastern Belgian is starting to be talked about

A little less than three months before the deadline, the organizers of the East Belgian Rally are starting to get people talking. With a beautiful poster featuring the outgoing winner, Grégoire Munster, they presented the first details of their event. So we learn more about the Saint-Vitoise sleeve course scheduled for September 24. On the menu, five places crossing five German-speaking municipalities. Note also the return to Büllingen and the brand new Amel special route. Another information, Polepole Sideways will open the road when VHRS closes it, after modern cars like that. A regular exam will also be given along with a timed competition. A great program for this event which is always very popular.

© Matthis Demoulin – Photographer

Fernémont is finally supported by an importer!

Finally…! After four seasons in the first division of the BRC and two titles, Adrian Fernémont finally receives the help of an importer. It goes without saying that the insert in question is actually Skoda. But, does he replace Sébastien Bedoret in the colors of Skoda Belgium? Nope. It is true in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg where the driver from Andenne was given this support. For his only rally at this location, the Rallye Lëtzebuerg, the two-time Belgian champion defended the coat of arms of Skoda LU. A wise choice for the importer, as Belgium’s dominance was complete. It remains to be seen whether this will give Skoda Belgium, or Luxembourg, some impetus for our national competition. Perhaps this could be the key to being able to compete with a certain Stéphane Lefebvre who receives support from Citroën Racing?

In short
© Timothy David Photography

Rensonnet takes the wheel

After his crash in Wallonia last April, Tom Rensonnet replaced his Clio Rally4 with crutches. The RACB pilot suffered a broken leg. But the return to competition is imminent. This is how after a long renovation, Rensonnet got the steering wheel at the beginning of the month. With Grégoire Munster, Francis Plunus and Eric Jardon, it was on the tarmac at Francorchamps that Tom returned to service during the 25H VW FunCup. The goal: victory in two seats, while allowing guests to enjoy the race from the inside. The parameters were also fully respected. The real recovery for the Rensonnet-Herman couple will be in a few weeks, at the Rally van Standen. An event that will serve as a preparatory meeting alongside the Ypres Rally.

In short
© Clem’Biais Photographer

A look back at the highlights of July

Fernémont cannot be treated in the Luxembourg area

Rallye Lëtzebuerg has now become popular with many Belgians. Accustomed to a good set, the 2022 edition, the first after covid, was no exception to the rule. Just look at the general classification where the first named is none other than Adrian Fernémont. The Skoda Luxembourg driver for the day lived up to his head very well. In fact he signed the best 12 times out of 12 possible. A flawless performance that allowed him to win this edition with an iron fist. Behind him, Steve Fernandes was a good second, but the local driver was caught by surprise. He had to throw down the gloves, leaving the runner-up to Ronny Foxius who emerged victorious from the fight against Steve Zimmer. Down on the podium, Marijan Griebel won the Stellantis Rally Cup after a good fight against Julien Wagner. The Austrian never let the gap extend beyond 7 seconds. So he completes the top 5 of the event after a very good performance.

In short
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Podium in Langres for Munster

A few hours from Belgium, the Rallye Terre de Langres is a popular event among our French neighbors. In the events of the French championship of land meetings, several Belgians were registered. Among them, Grégoire Munster, associated for the occasion with Lara Vanneste, Charles Munster, Claudie Tanghe, Guino Kenis or Xavier Baugnet. Unfortunately, the latter will not see the finish following a technical problem in the last minute in his Citroën DS3 WRC. In the event won by Mathieu Franceschi, it will be the only omission to be considered in the ranks of our peers. The best representative in the standings is none other than Grégoire Munster, beaten in the end by Florent Todeschini. So he finished third. Then, we find Charle Munster in 17th place, Claudie Tanghe in 38th place, Lander Dhaene finished 49th and Jean-Louis De Roeck climbed to 79th place. Guino Kenis wins, for his part, at the wheel of his BMW M3 E30 in the VHC category.

In short

Victory for Rary at Buckshot

We finish with a test from home. Usually competed on the first weekend of August, Chevrotines de Boucles was closed, this time, in July. Details for the 77 initially registered employees. In Division 4, Emeric Rary and Jos Pennartz started well, setting the same time from the start of the race. Unfortunately, the fight will not last long. In the fourth special match, Pennartz lost badly when he had just taken the lead. The Hyundai driver actually fell to 37th and therefore had to abandon all hopes of victory. A victory that could no longer elude his enemy, time and time again. Emeric Rary thus won after widening the gap on Johnny Vanzeebroeck’s Mitsubishi and Christian Guillemin’s Porsche. In other categories, Vincent Gallet led from start to finish and won the 1-2-3 category. In Histo, Florian Gonon won in PH while Tim Freeman won in SR.

In short
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By Matthis D & Simon F

Photo: Matthis Demoulin – Photographer, Timothy David Photography and Photography by Lorick Jacquemin