In Orgasm Day, discover the most famous charms of Maringaens

In Orgasm Day, discover the most famous charms of Maringaens

Photo: Ilustrativa/Pixabay.

This Sunday, the 31st, is World Orgasm Day. The date began to be celebrated in 1999, with the initiative of some British adult product stores, which aimed to increase their sales and stimulate discussion about the difficulties that many people feel in reaching the peak of happiness in friendship.

A specialist in sex and psychology, Eliane Maio, from Maringá, says, unfortunately, the issue is still a big taboo, especially for women, who, as she explains, find it more difficult to reach climax, “since they are born they are forbidden. to know their bodies. Touching, looking at each other, smelling each other and knowing which parts they feel the most comfortable with”.

The good news is that this situation has changed. Eliane points out that women are more educated, more educated, and that social networks also contribute. “Feminism has this task too. Some men have marched and become sympathetic to the cause of women’s struggles. Many people have allowed themselves. We are in a time of many conversations on these topics. We need to talk more about self-awareness, about love, respect and dignity” , he says.

But what exactly is an orgasm? The expert explains:

“Basically, the climax means different sensations of the body (physical and emotional) and the ejaculation of a man is the release of sperm, with the feeling (or not) of reaching the climax. But every body is different from another and in order to feel the pulse you will have to know your own body, as well as its emotions and feelings”.

Eliane’s tip is people getting to know each other. “I saw women who didn’t even know how to identify their genitals. And they were ashamed to look at each other, to touch each other. And men who had a very sexual upbringing, which did not allow them to fail, and the feeling of powerlessness was very strong. Clear the bans placed on your sexuality since you were a child! Talk, read, respect yourself. And if you can’t, find a professional! You deserve it.

The word penis means self-awareness with the hands.
Therefore, if they touch each other, explore each other, this personal knowledge prefers to know the parts of the body that give / explore pleasure.

A sexologist reports that it is difficult to define what men and women are like, as there are endless desires. “And as long as they don’t mistreat the other person, they can win. Conversation, respect and love contribute a lot”, he adds.

“Fetishes are many. From those who are considered more basic to other “strangers”. There is a long list of desires. And they are good, as long as there is self-respect and vice versa.

But a survey conducted by the luxury escort advertising site Gata Urbana shows that the six gods correspond to 69% of the requests from these call girls in Maringá (PR).

Among these appeals in the minds of men, inversion, anal sex, domination, cum in the mouth, mouth without a condom and a golden bath to stand outside, which gained notoriety after the controversy involving the current president of the Republic. In a survey, the website Gata Urbana revealed the preferences of men looking for luxury escorts in Maringá.

The numbers are part of a survey conducted in nine cities of São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, which includes a total of 2,000 women registered on the Gata Urbana website. In Maringá, 100 elegant escorts were heard. The website sent these girls, via WhatsApp, the question “what magic do men ask the most?” To ensure consistency in information, the team also called companions to confirm the answer. The survey identified a total of 12 items of clothing that are the most requested among male customers in Maringá.

“The most cited reason among them is the search for sex without frills, where there is no way and victory. There is only sex without a future promise. Others say that many seek these gods to relax and get out of the stressful routine of everyday life, as well as the order of the family. Many clients come to look for a witch doctor, after all he does normal sex at home”, explained the character of Gata Urbana, Aline Torquato.

Know the maringa witches, according to the survey

The champion of prayer among the girls of the section in the municipality is conversion, and 15%. Then come anal sex (14%), administration (13%) and finish in the mouth (10%). O mouth without a condom fifth place with 9%. O gold bath appears in sixth place in customer preference and 8% of requests from men looking for luxury escorts in Maringá.

After the six most requested fetishes, the use of toys and accessories appears on the list (8%). Then, foot podlatry and clothing consumption are closed, with 6% each. The use of high heels comes next, with 5%. A Greek kiss and a girlfriend workout round out the ranking. Both appear with 3% each.

Brazilian magicians

The research conducted by the Gata Urbana website in nine cities in the country shows that five germs correspond to more than half of the requests from these call girls. Among these appeals, anal sex, inversion, oral cum, oral sex without a condom and golden shower stand out.

These five charms represent 51% of the requests from men looking for luxury escorts in search of pleasure. Mentioned by Bolsonaro on social networks, the golden shower appears in fourth place in customer preferences, with 8.95%. The champion of requests among girls in the section is anal sex, with 12.85%.

Aline also highlights that anal sex is the champion of privilege among men due to the butt being a national privilege. “During the act, a man has a sense of complete skill. In addition, it is a behavior rejected by many women”, explains Aline.

The inversion fet was in second place, with 11.05%. In third place, the finish of the mouth appears (9.45%). After the golden bath – which was in fourth place in the list -, the mouth without a condom is fifth, with 8.70%.

The survey found a total of 12 items of clothing that are the most requested among male customers. After the five most requested rituals, there are two women (8.65%), Greek kiss (8.10%), powder ritual (7.55%), toys and accessories (7%), rule (6.15%), cockculld (6.05 %) and, finally, girlfriend (5.50%).