In one day, the PRF recovers a stolen Land Rover and Jeep Renegade in Maranhão

In one day, the PRF recovers a stolen Land Rover and Jeep Renegade in Maranhão

The two cars together are worth more than R$200,000.

The Land Rover had been stolen from a car wash in São Luís and was found at km 44 of the BR-135, in the municipality of Bacabeira.

In a separate action last Wednesday (27), the Federal Highway Police (PRF) found two vehicles with theft records on highways BR-135 and BR-226. The first, a Land Rover Evoque, had been stolen hours earlier from a car wash in São Luís. The second, a Jeep Renegade, had a theft record dated 10/08/2020, in São Paulo/SP.

After registering a report of a theft that occurred at a car wash in the capital, the owner of the Land Rover Evoque model also registered the fact in the National Alarm System – SINAL da PRF, which led to teams of federal highway police officers to be wake up immediately..

The car was found around 12:30 pm in the municipality of Bacabeira, km 44 of the BR-135, abandoned on the side of the highway and near the garage, with the rear tire on the right side broken, as well. spare tire. The owner was notified and the vehicle was sent to the Civil Police Station of Bacabeira / MA, for fashioning procedures.

The perpetrator of the crime has not yet been found.


A few hours later, on the BR-226, in the rural area of ​​the municipality of Grajau, the village of Alto Brasil, the PRF team in a routine method arrested the driver of the Jeep Renegade, a 56-year-old man, who. presented a Certificate of Registration and License Vehicle (CRLV) with indications of tampering with printed information.

The Jeep Renegade had a Vehicle Registration and License Certificate (CRLV) with signs of tampering printed on it.

Faced with the suspicions, the police investigated further and discovered that the paper money on which the document was printed was stolen in the state of Piauí and that the vehicle had discrepancies between the identification features and the records of the official systems.

Finally, the police discovered the real identity of the car, which is the same model, but with different plates and a theft record in the city of São Paulo/SP dated 10/08/2020.

The car and the person involved were sent to the Civil Police, for the crime of using a false document and receipt.