in Dourdan, it is already a strike at Tesla high school

in Dourdan, it is already a strike at Tesla high school

After two strikes in the last school year, tensions are higher than ever in the school.

Nothing is going well at Tesla High School, and by Monday, September 5, a strike movement bringing together a large number of workers was held to denounce the general working conditions.

We issued a strike notice last July to send a strong signal: we he did not want another year under these conditions. And arriving on August 31, we sadly, nothing has changed. So we are going to campaign again, for preserve the respect of our rights, preserve the quality of the education service about 2000 students “, the teachers hand over the letter to the principal.

There are many areas of concern. Voluntary teaching subjects are at the forefront of these issues. ” There are not enough students to open the option », teachers have heard this sentence many times. But they wonder about the possibility of “statistical manipulation”. “ How the Continuous Development option, to name a few, went from full scale to only 1 student enrolled ask the teachers. Although this is the main issue of this century, and the main concern of French youth, we certainly have the right to ask ourselves. For most options, the situation is the same.

Another subject of dissatisfaction, the annual placement of course hours, a subject that greatly affects vocational education within the institution. ” By arranging these annual hours, especially in the vocational track, teachers who, for example, provide 21 hours of lessons per week are paid for only 19.3 hours. “, explain the protesters.

In addition, half of the groups of 24 students or orientation options adjusted by the head teacher of the Class Council, teachers are more united than before. But their biggest concern is for their colleagues in administrative services. ” They are tired and I am very afraid of them. They’ve been through it for a year already and can’t take it another year. », Opinion Emmanuel Deflers, from the SNEP-SNES alliance.

Assignment problems for incoming students

The teachers even received a letter of support from the staff of the institution previously managed by the principal who experienced similar obstacles to their work. Help that strengthens their desire to “not give up”.

Outside the establishment too, anger is alcohol. Indeed, many work problems affect students who should normally be educated within the Dourdan institution. Therefore, several students who were last year in the Condorcet college located 200m from the high school could not benefit from the assignment in the Tesla high school. As a result, they stay in college. ” However, students from Arpajon or Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois return to Tesla high school. », It offends a local person. In the city of Dourdan, rumors about the operation of the establishment, once the pride of the city, are well underway.

A strong response from professional management is expected this year. ” Last year, we felt that there was no listening and that we were saving time “says the teacher. There is no question of stopping there this year.