In Citroen Ami, we can play with Switch

In Citroen Ami, we can play with Switch

With the My Ami Play system, the driver can access the functions of his smartphone through a new button on the steering wheel.

In Friend, there is no touch screen, or close. Citroën has thought of a console and clamp to place the driver’s smartphone. So the latter can gain access to its related programs and run. Herringbone Electric Chip now improves its integration with My Ami Play. The system is integrated into the My Citroën mobile app. It is a menu that brings together the functions that the driver is used to using.

Through the same screen, there is access to the radio, making it easy to switch from one station to another, access to “Media” for music programs such as Deezer, access to call functions and finally access to navigation, where the driver benefits one for one. his screen from the functionality provided by the navigation application he has chosen, such as Waze, Google Maps.

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The “big” novelty is the appearance of the Citroën Switch, a large button on the steering wheel that activates this Play My Friend menu. It is connected to the phone with Bluetooth. The customer can choose the location of this button, right or left, according to his preference. To minimize manipulation, you can always use voice commands on the phone.

My Ami Play is standard on most versions (except on the base Ami and My Ami Cargo) and is also available as an add-on on from September 6 or can be ordered from a participating Citroen network.