In Carthago, the Chic c-line T 4.9 LE is available at Mercedes-Benz

In Carthago, the Chic c-line T 4.9 LE is available at Mercedes-Benz

For the new season, the German brand will remain faithful to its offer for 2022. Although some A-Class benefits from some improvements, it is in the profile that the main evolution comes. After the C-Tourer, it is the turn of the chic T 4.9 LE line to be sold on the basis of the Sprinter.

Carthago consolidates its leading position in the premium car market in Europe with a still large number of models (about sixty). In 2023, the German manufacturer remains on the same version as the previous vintage.

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Lowered Al-ko chassis

If the brand mainly produces ingredients of more than 3.5 tons, it continues to provide lower information. The latter are still divided into two series: C-tourer T and Chic c-line T. If the T 143 LE, T 148 LE, T 149 LE and T 150 QB were already present on the basis of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter below. Al-ko, the T 4.9 LE is now available on the same chassis. The first for the Chic c-line T-series.

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Taller and taller

So far offered on the Fiat Ducato, this model is still more comfortable to drive and retains the same layout, despite the advantage of a few centimeters in length (7.5 m) and height (2.94 m).

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Great space

The large L-shaped living room with its large side bench seat can accommodate up to five guests. The XXL corner kitchen is very practical for cooking with a raised counter and a designer bar. Good storage spaces also make it easy to access utensils and ingredients.

Maximum comfort

The integrated bathroom offers an independent shower and a dressing room thanks to the sliding doors that separate it from the bedroom and the living room. Behind the cell, two large twin beds over 2 m in length and a sleeping extension provide maximum comfort in the sleeping area.

The DNA of Carthage

What makes Carthago motorhomes special is the quality of the finishes and materials, but also the design and interior conditions. This model remains true to the brand’s DNA. Dark wood furniture, ivory facades, tables and cream-colored upholstery give it a chic and warm character. Outside, the chic c-line T 4.9 LE adopts the classic Carthago design. This model on Mercedes-Benz is distinguished by the platinum color of the bumpers and side skirts.

Chic c-line T 4.9 LE technical specification

  • L x W x H: 7.59 x 2.27 x 2.94 m
  • Carrier: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 150 hp or Fiat Ducato 140 hp
  • CG seats/night/meal: 4/2/5
  • Refrigerator: 153 l
  • Price as of 04/04/2022: €119,480 (on Mercedes) and €114,900 (on Fiat)

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