In 2022-2023, Nick Suzuki will be entitled to  more than expected in bonuses.

In 2022-2023, Nick Suzuki will be entitled to $14 more than expected in bonuses.

When Jesperi Kotkaniemi signed his aggressive offer with the Carolina Hurricanes, he received a $20 signing bonus. Why? To remind that Sebastian Aho (who wears number 20) also had a bad offer.

It was playing hard in the corner, let’s say.

The Canadian, who would hate the Hurricanes until they “grabbed” them in the NHL for not playing enough pre-season games, decided that he, too, was capable of playing the game.

How? Using Nick Suzuki’s contract, which was recently announced this morning.

As Renaud Lavoie announced on Twitter, Nick Suzuki will sometimes be entitled to a signing bonus. This will be mainly in the first year of the agreement, where the amount of $4,000,014 will be given to him.

And yes, obviously the $14 (Suzuki wears the number 14) is a tip for Les Canes, who now can’t imagine giving him a hostile offer.

I’d like to see them offer the $20 amount, instead. Less subtle, but more painful.

Note that his signing bonus is more, including the first, at the end of the contract. This makes it easier to exchange and ensures that he gets his money if there is a work stoppage.

Also, speaking of the negotiations, remember that according to Elliotte Friedman, the negotiations went very well. With great conversation, there were no mistakes and everything went smoothly as it rarely happens.

This is good news. True.

This is also different from Marc Bergevin’s contract. Additionally, in his write-up, Friedman reports that Chris Drury is making a lot of money for an employer in New York (probably around $4.5 million a year, which is a veteran’s salary) and that this could destroy the market for Marc Bergevin, well – a solid young man .

Of course, Drury is also the president of hockey operations, but he still raises the price.