Impossible to play in Bourg, Cholet continues its race towards the playoffs

Impossible to play in Bourg, Cholet continues its race towards the playoffs

“It’s like a dream,” he came as he slipped director Thierry Chevrier into the ear of President Jérôme Mérignac at the end of the first term. It is really difficult to find the best word to mark the first period of Cholet, which ended with a huge gap of 26 points (57-31). “It was our best half of the season,” confirmed Boris Dallo. “We played very well,” added Laurent Vila. “Our defensive line was solid, we won the back balls, our attacking game was unique. It was the first time we played that. As in a dream, really.

“What we gave in the first half was disrespectful.”

Although this bout was about to kick off with the intention of qualifying for the playoffs, only Cholet came to play basketball. The first episode was almost a nightmare to watch as the Bressans were on the move, thus suffering what they did on Tuesday at Gravelines (92-55). On the ropes at the end of the first quarter (17-35), burned by the Choletaise address (6/9 by three points) and completely dominated internally (11 by 3 rebounds), JL remained indifferent, known as -30 (29-57, 20 minutes), before leaving under a few whistles from his followers, rare in Ékinox and the audience is often considered to be very simple. “What we produced in the first half was horrible, disrespectful to the people in the room, allies and the whole club”, admitted Laurent Legname. “I thought there would be a low level of commitment, aggression, a desire to do things together, all these foundations laid for a month. Obviously we forgot everything in the first quarter.”

Effective and interesting: Makoundou included a beautiful Cholet Basket evening
(Photo: Jacques Cormarèche)

Then only remained a proud solution to try not to end up ignorant. “In the locker room, we’re not talking about basketball anymore, about pride,” Maxime Roos sighed. It went through the press area with an impressive sequence from Alexandre Chassang re-igniting a little fire (54-69, 27th minute), quickly extinguished by the best Dominic Artis (23 points for 6/13, 6 rebounds and 3 decision passes) . It also experienced a great deal of outrage from JaCorey Williams, from him for more than a minute after the third quarter (56-81). “He’s healthy, he says what he thinks,” he scolded his coach. “It was neither against the players nor against the staff, he just exploded in frustration and could not control his emotions. Pride also passed, in the end, with Norris Cole’s talent, at the peak of his reputation (30 points for 8/12 and 6 assistants) to reduce soft (86-94, 40 minutes then 86-100, final. score). It’s too late, too late …

“Momentum” and Cholet for filters

In fact, in the vast majority, from +37 on Sportica to -26 during the break at home, these four days fully conclude JL Bourg’s consistency throughout the season. Without supporting elements … “It is indescribable, I have no answer”, murmured Maxime Roos. “We were much better, on a good line, and there was no rational explanation,” held Laurent Legname, who was on the verge of death. “I’m not confused but I did not expect this size. I’m not angry, that ‘s the truth of this team.»

From extreme to another, an incomprehensible week for JL Bourg
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That Cholet Basket is completely different … In fact, the Mauges team is close to signing one of the best stories of the season. As Evreux does in Pro B, CB has changed its relegation style to a team that is currently in good shape, with its 12 wins in 16 games. “We must take advantage of what we are going through at the moment,” stressed Boris Dallo. “From the red zone to the playoffs, it can only happen once in the profession. Now in tenth place, JL Bourg put out some of his teammates Yoan Makoundou (17 points for 5/8, 6 rebounds and stole 2 for 23 inside). of 20 minutes) knocking with more emphasis on the 8th Top Top. speed with us “, launched Boris Dallo. “Based on the lesson learned in the first half, the question arises now that it would seem completely inconsistent this winter: who’s to stop the Cholet Basket? Le Portel will certainly fight on Tuesday, but Laurent Vila’s team will then finish by crossing the sword with four. Betclic ÉLITE: Pau-Lacq-Orthez, Boulogne-Levallois, ASVEL and Monaco. What a test of his true potential. instead of Pro B’s cleansing pain, everything goes like a dream for Cholet Basket …

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