‘I’m pregnant’ · TV news

‘I’m pregnant’ · TV news

God will bless Shareder (Paulo Verlings) with a child after Herit (Yana Sardenberg) lost a child in Genesis. The tragedy will motivate them to leave the traditions of Ancient Egypt and turn to the faith of Abraham (Zécarlos Machado). “I’m pregnant”, she will announce, happily, in the Biblical soap opera Record.

The Egyptian panicked after she got pregnant in the last period of pregnancy in the series of Camilo Pellegrini, Stephanie Ribeiro and Raphaela Castro. She gave birth to a dead child and even asked the midwife to hold him for a little while longer before taking him to bury him.

Herit will stick to charms and spells before negotiating with José (Juliano Laham). Shareder will ask the governor general to help him comfort his wife, who is drowning in grief and depression due to the tragedy.

The character of Yana Sardenberg will listen carefully to the stories of the Hebrew, who turned after being sold into slavery by his own brothers. He will convince you to put your knees down and surrender yourself to the Creator. If the request is true, the Almighty will grant it.

Herit will follow the advice of the letter and shed tears when he is touched by the word of God.in the events that will be shown from next Monday (8):

I used to think that if I wasn’t a mother I wouldn’t be complete. I really wouldn’t be happy. It sounds crazy, but it’s like I don’t need anything else on the outside, because inside I feel at peace. It has been implemented. It’s hard to explain. But if God wants to bless me with this request, I agree.

Shareder helps Herit during the abortion

What is the ending of Shareder in Genesis?

God will grant Herit’s request, who will only discover in the last chapter that she is pregnant again. “I need to tell you something”, he will reveal to Shareder, during a party at José’s house in honor of Israel (Petrônio Gontijo) and his family. “What is it?” he asks.

Diná (Giovanna Coimbra) will pull Yana Sardenberg’s character just in time for a group of women, and Shareder will be pushed by Benjamin (Marcus Bessa) into the middle of the dance circle.

“What were you telling me?” he will interview the joker, he is sweating and out of breath as he finally pulls off the joke. “I’m pregnant. That’s what you heard. I’m expecting your baby”, concludes the girl.

Genesis is a revision of the first book of the Bible. The flyer is divided into seven phases, and, for now, the Record shows the seventh: José. In addition to spoilers, TV news publishes a synopsis of a biblical novel.

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