“If your name is not in the rumours, then no one needs you”

“If your name is not in the rumours, then no one needs you”

Winners of the NBA finals, authors of a good second half of the season, we thought before the new season that the Celtics would have the sole purpose of adding 2-3 pieces to the staff that is already poorly constructed to strengthen and give themselves the best. head shot. But with the availability of Kevin Durant and discussion with Nets, including involving Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smartwe thought for a while that Brad Stevens he was going to blow up the list. Finally, the two teams did not reach an agreement and Kevin Durant decided to stay with the Nets.

Defensive Player of the Year Smart addressed the rumors and CLNS

“Jaylen handled it well,” Smart said. “He walks around with a smile on his face. In fact, we didn’t even talk about it when we were together. We were just talking about next season and getting ready, but he’s doing great. He’s handling the situation as professionally as possible and I advise everyone to remember that this is a business first of all. When you do business, personal things should be kept aside and can’t be a problem, so you can’t see that. If your name is mentioned in a business conversation, I see it as a compliment. It means the teams want you. This is a good thing. The problem is if Your name is not in the rumors, it’s because nobody wants you. That’s how I see things and that’s how people should see it. It’s difficult, I understand that. You never know what can happen. Everything can happen. »

Despite the big surprise, Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown should start the season for the Celtics.

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