Hyundai’s first 4×2 hydrogen truck delivered to Germany

Hyundai’s first 4×2 hydrogen truck delivered to Germany

Hydrogen mobility is entering heavy transport. A text exchange specialist, operating across Europe, Mewa bets on not emitting greenhouse gases in relation to its mobility. After the two Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cells that it uses in Switzerland, Mewa is preparing a heavy hydrogen 4×2 truck that it will use in Germany.

On September 1, in Switzerland, the truck was handed over to a garage in charge of private conversion.

A group operating across Europe, Drink has long been relying on circular economy and friendly materials and processes for all its core activities. So it is with absolute certainty that the text exchange specialist is also betting on an environmentally friendly solution using hydrogen electric vehicles to carry out its transport.

September 1, 2022 will mark a new milestone in the company’s history. After the introduction of the first two Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cells in Switzerland and the positive experience that followed, the Mobility Concepts Director of Mewa Textil-Service AG & Co. Management OHG, Kay Simon, presented the first Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell 4. ×2 of the new series aimed at Germany. Daniel Keller, COO of Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility AG, handed him the keys, which were immediately passed to Christian Galli, sales manager at construction specialist GK Grünenfelder AG, who will handle the customization of the vehicle.

(L to R) Christian Galli, Sales Manager at construction specialist GK Grünenfelder AG. Kay Simon, Head of Mobility Concepts at Mewa Textil-Service AG & Co. Management OHG. Aniel Keller, Chief Operating Officer Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility

In our way to achieve climate neutrality, the choice of our transport vehicles is for us, Mewa, one of the most important tools. As much as possible, we want to use more and more fossil fuel-free vehicles to carry out our long-distance transport. Today we have taken a step further: thanks to our successful partnership with Hyundai, we can use hydrogen trucks in three delivery areas: Switzerland, Baden-Württemberg and now also in northern Germany. . I welcome it. said Kay Simon.

Daniel Keller, COO of HHM, adds: “ Following the launch of the vehicles and the commissioning of 47 of them in Switzerland, we are expanding our presence in Europe, with Germany being our next priority target. Mewa represents for us a partner and customer that provides the best conditions for using our XCIENT Fuel Cell of the new series in Germany.. »

Before the new Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell goes into service in the north of Germany, in the Hamburg area and its surroundings, the Swiss expert GK Grünenfelder will carry out its modifications to adapt it to the specific requirements.

Christian Galli, Sales Director: ” Thanks to the experience gained in the initial preparation and our improved production processes, we can adapt this new XCIENT Fuel Cell very quickly according to the needs of its application. It’s obviously a great time for us too and we’re proud to be a part of this innovative mobility concept..”

The first mass-produced hydrogen electric truck

Such cars XCIENT Oil Essence » have a distance of about 400 km. They store hydrogen in seven tanks, with an average filling time of ten minutes. The XCIENT Mewa Fuel Cells that will be used in Germany are an improved generation of the first mass-produced hydrogen trucks. From the boat, the cars will go directly to a special workshop where individual offers will be made (for example refrigerated boxes or hard boxes ” dry “).

Model story (from left to right):

Christian Galli, Sales Manager at construction specialist GK Grünenfelder AG. Kay Simon, Head of Mobility Concepts at Mewa Textil-Service AG & Co. Management OHG. Aniel Keller, Chief Operating Officer Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility

* The event took place in front of Kay Simon (Mewa), Daniel Keller (HHM) and Christian Galli (GK Grünenfelder).

About Mewa Textil-Service AG & Co. Management OHG

Since 1908, Mewa has been offering professional, full-service clothing, making it a pioneer in the clothing exchange. Today, Mewa has been supplying companies with professional clothing, protective clothing, cleaning clothing, oil collection mats and mats – including their care, maintenance, storage and all equipment – for 46 years. sites across Europe. In its transformation process towards green materials, Mewa takes into account all factors and aspects of distribution. Starting with the improvement of its vehicle fleet, which now has more than 700 trucks, through the improvement of the cycle management with a view to protecting the environment and up to the transportation and storage of clothes. in containers made of recyclable materials.

About GK Grünenfelder AG : GK Grünenfelder has been providing mobility for almost 75 years. As one of the leading automotive experts in Switzerland, the company finds innovative and high-quality solutions for personal transport for roads, industrial production sites and facilities. GK Grünenfelder, with headquarters in Kriessern (SG) and a branch in Pratteln (BL), is the first mechanical workshop in the world authorized to fit Hyundai’s XCIENT Fuel Cell hydrogen trucks. The company produces both refrigerated boxes for the transport of food and rigid dry boxes for the transport of goods.

About Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility : Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility AG is a joint venture between Hyundai Motor Company and the Swiss company H2 Energy. Its goal is to contribute to an ecological and sustainable future. Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility sees it as its duty to contribute to the decarbonisation of heavy transport.

About Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility Deutschland GmbH : Founded in 2022 and based in Munich, Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility Germany GmbH (HHMG) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility AG. HHMG is responsible for the distribution of Hyundai fuel cell trucks in Germany and also serves as a link to the EU economic zone.

NOW – National Corporation for Wassertsoff- und Brennstoffzellentechnologie : The National Agency for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (SASA GmbH) is a federal government company that supports the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport (BMDV) as well as other federal ministries in the implementation and coordination of programs and support strategies in that field. of sustainable mobility. SASA GmbH is headquartered in Berlin.

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