Hyundai will also have a pickup truck

Hyundai will also have a pickup truck

Hyundai intends to launch a new mid-size model larger than the Santa Cruz compact. If the project was about to be canceled, finally, the South Korean company made the decision to continue with this challenge.

The idea is to launch a complete model that reaches several markets, including Latin America. But at the moment there has been no explanation of the engine: from Hyundai they indicate that the company’s strategy is to launch electric models, and a truck with a combustion engine cannot go in the right direction.

“Start making cars based on ICE (internal combustion engine) without sense. We have to change our way of thinking and offer all-electric cars,” says Thomas Schemera, global marketing director and head of customer experience at Hyundai.

In addition, the director revealed that the technology to launch electric models will be a difficult task to use in a truck, due to its size, aerodynamics and silhouette.

You’ll have to follow the branding decisions, but you’ll likely use an image that offers a platform that can support any type of craft. Therefore, in the first stage, you can have a hybrid engine, and in the second stage, use an all-electric engine.

* Text published on the site Windshieldand Editora Perfil Argentina.