Hyundai wants to create robots like the Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Walker

Hyundai wants to create robots like the Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Walker

Hyundai is a company that thinks about the future and puts a bet on robots as few companies do. It is no coincidence that the South Korean giant also owns Boston Dynamics. However, the project he is considering now puts the company’s passion in another area, that of Ultimate Mobility Vehicles (UMV).

According to reports, Hyundai intends to build ‘Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Walker’ robots at a new research and development (R&D) laboratory in Montana, USA.

Star Wars Wanderers All-Terrain Vehicle

New Horizons Studio Hyundai (NHS) will open a new R&D facility in Bozeman, Montana, for the development of so-called Ultimate Mobility Vehicles or, more directly, Ultimate Mobility Vehicles (UMV). The new equipment will support photography, field testing and software development for future dynamic mobility solutions.

The first business mandate is to create a machine for future buyers who will be forced to browse the land which can be very difficult for conventional passenger cars. They will start with a sophisticated beach robot, followed by a large car (approximately the size of a two-person ATV) with robotic legs resembling something from Star Wars.

Photo of one of Hyundai's proposed robots for the future car

This latest vehicle, inspired by the concept of Lifting from CES 2021, could add to a very difficult area and even save lives as first aid providers during various natural disasters.

Montana is emerging as a hub for high-tech companies and entrepreneurs with a growing group of talented staff skilled in engineering, research and natural sciences.

Says Hyundai Vice President and Director of New Horizons Studio Dr. John Suh.

The NHS will employ more than 50 permanent people on the site over the next five years, most of them in R&D, focusing on technical equipment, electrical and electronic engineering, and equipment and manufacturing.

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The equipment will measure between 3 and 5 square kilometers and will form part of the 42 hectare development of the MSU Innovation Campus, which is home to several technology and biotechnology companies.

We are pleased that our close personal relationships, excellent business environment, talented staff and quality of life attract international attention. Montana is open for business.

Said Montana Governor Greg Gianforte.

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