Hyundai supports Tunisian Tennis during the Tunis Open

Hyundai supports Tunisian Tennis during the Tunis Open

Alpha Hyundai Motor, the official distributor of South Korean car company Hyundai in Tunisia for passenger cars, announces its support for Tunisian tennis players in the Tunis Open tournament.

Alpha Hyundai is proud to support the upcoming champions who will mark the history of the Tunisian game. As a sponsor at the time of this edition, the brand further enhances its sporting presence, and confirms its long-standing commitment to Tunisian youth.

The game incorporates the values ​​to which Hyundai Tunisia is connected: patience, performance and toughness.

We are pleased to announce that Hyundai Tunisia is currently sponsoring Tunisian tennis players Malek Jaziri, Skander Mansouri and Moez Echargui.

“We are proud to support these aspiring young athletes. This partnership stemmed from our fascination with players who are as talented as they are aspiring. The passion and desire of these players in tennis fits perfectly with everything we represent. Said Mehdi Mahjoub, General Manager Hyundai Tunisia.

The Tunis Open is a professional Challenger circuit tennis tournament, which will be held from May 16 to 22, 2022 at the Tunis Tennis Club as an annual.

Alpha Hyundai Motor hopes to build a good relationship with these prodigies and help them on their journey. Today is just the beginning of what we hope to be a good partnership.

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