Hyundai presents its “Seven” SUV, a real living room on wheels

Hyundai presents its “Seven” SUV, a real living room on wheels

It’s always hard to know what tomorrow’s cars will look like, but Hyundai has decided to give it a shot with this new model: “Seven”.

In the recent world of cars, it is often regretted that all the models sold are like two drops of water and that as soon as a new idea makes an impression on the general public, it is taken up again and again by everyone. other sectors. If this idea can be discussed for a long time, it is certain that it does not consider a very important difference in its equation: prototypes. The latter are masterpieces of originality, the developers allow themselves everything and produce future models with very pronounced lines. If not all please, changes cannot be rejected.

All companies release models to get the first impressions from the public on this new design and this new way of thinking about the car. So some examples can be seen as simple triggers that announce the more or less imminent arrival of the style of the inspired series. But sometimes, it’s the other way around, prototypes are a guide very willingly ahead of its time. It is this type of product that Hyundai has just presented with the “Seven”, a prototype SUV that is completely synonymous with what we are used to seeing.

The leisure car: the future of the car?

Indeed, the latter takes the bet that individual cars will become living spaces. So this electric model depends on its entire design in the living room. With an anecdotal control center, the car being autonomous in a large number of cases, the “Seven” concept offers a panoramic roof as well as a flat floor and a lowered hood. Despite the aerodynamic limitations that are inherent to SUVs, this new concept aims to be as updated as possible and the brand ensures that the roof has been thought to provide a “pure” aerodynamic body.

Due to all these promises, people are just waiting for announcements from Hyundai which, for its part, does not seem to be in a hurry before selling the car. In addition to driving autonomously, the brand works to have batteries that provide more than 480 kilometers of autonomy and charge from 10% to 80% in 20 minutes. No date has been announced by the South Korean company regarding the possible release of this model. It may even be that the end does not end on our roads, it will only serve to give an idea of ​​the line that counts the future more or less.