Hyundai opens its first engine plant in South America in SP

Hyundai opens its first engine plant in South America in SP

The South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai has launched, this Tuesday (20), its first engine plant in South America. The site is located in Piracicaba, a city within São Paulo, 160 km from the capital, on the same land as the company’s car factory. R$ 500 million was invested in the new production line, which provided 256 jobs, occupies an area of ​​17 thousand square meters and will be able to produce at least 70 thousand engines per year.

The project was supported by InvestSP (São Paulo Agency for the Promotion of Investment and Competition), which advised Hyundai on tax issues related to the implementation of the new unit. “InvestSP has an excellent and permanent relationship with Hyundai. We support the company in the construction of the car factory in Piracicaba and in modern projects. The launch of the engine factory is a fact that will be celebrated by the car industry of São Paulo and will have an incredible impact on the development of the region’s economy, and generate jobs and income for its residents. São Paulo supports this new initiative and thanks Hyundai for its trust,” said InvestSP president Antonio Imbassahy.

This is the first Hyundai plant in the world to introduce AMR – the Autonomous Mobile Robot, which improves the transportation of parts within manufacturing processes. This feature reduces the space required for parts on the production line by 50%, thanks to a fully integrated system that eliminates the need to collect stored items in the sector. It also provides better line flexibility for new product production, as supply automatically adjusts to set demand.

During the construction of the new engine plant, Hyundai took steps to reduce its impact on the environment. The efforts range from zero waste to landfill, to the project itself, which introduces natural or LED lighting, rainwater harvesting for reuse and a heat-sealed building model, which offers lifelong benefits to environment.

“Our new engine plant has a high degree of automation in its processes, providing the flexibility needed to adapt production lines in a rapid manner. In addition to the new jobs created, we have contributed positively to other areas of our local community. We work collaboratively and universities and technical schools in programs for the exchange of skills and knowledge, sharing our equipment, parts and engines with these institutions to support the development of students and professionals of the future, “says Ken Ramirez, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor for Brazil and. Central and South America.

The event also celebrated the 10th anniversary of the company’s operations in Brazil and São Paulo. Since the company’s arrival in Piracicaba, Hyundai’s total investment has exceeded 1 billion US dollars – equivalent to more than 5 billion dollars -, generating 23 thousand direct and indirect jobs. In addition to the configuration of the car factory for the production of the HB20, in 2012, InvestSP supported the company, for example, in expanding the production model of the Creta SUV. The Piracicaba unit has already produced more than 1.7 million vehicles and has the capacity to produce up to 210,000 units per year.