Hyundai Motor Group is investing in the future of semiconductors

Hyundai Motor Group is investing in the future of semiconductors

Hyundai Motor has just acquired a startup called BOS Semiconductors. The South Korean group intends to collaborate with this company in the hope of designing the semiconductors of tomorrow.

Hyundai Motors Group aims to develop the future of semiconductors for the automotive industry.

After an unprecedented shortage of semiconductors that disrupted the automotive market, Hyundai Motor Group is looking forward to the future. The South Korean manufacturer has invested in BOS Semiconductors, a South Korean startup that creates systems on a chip (System-on-chip SoC). With this investment, Hyundai Motor Group aims to research new technologies in the field of electronic chips, while collaborating with several manufacturers, with the aim of developing future competitive semiconductors for the automotive industry.

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We hope that BOS Semiconductors will become one of our strategic partners, contributing to the development of competitive semiconductor technologies for the Group’s future mobility solutions.“, he says Dr. Youngcho Chi, President of Hyundai Motor Group’s Innovation Division. The latter ensures that the investment will continue in other startups”and a hopeful future.”

BOS Semiconductors was launched in 2022 and aims to be a lean, global company. To build systems on a chip, startups rely on new technologies, such as low-power “high-performance” processors, CPUs, graphics cards and high-speed signal interfaces. .

The second investment fund ZER01NE

Regarding the innovation project in semiconductors, the Korean group relied on the second fund of its innovation platform. Called ZER01NE, it is the result of the participation of Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Corporation and Hyundai Motor Securities, but also the Korea Development Bank and Shinhan Bank.

This fund will fund investments in startups that will advance the mobility of tomorrow. Advanced space mobility, environmentally responsible vehicles, connected vehicles, artificial intelligence and robotics are the focus areas of the Hyundai Motors Group.