Hyundai Morocco announces the opening in Fez of its new exhibition room, one of the largest in Morocco

Hyundai Morocco announces the opening in Fez of its new exhibition room, one of the largest in Morocco

Hyundai Morocco has announced the opening of its new exhibition room in Fez, one of the largest in Morocco, built in strict compliance with international manufacturer’s standards.

“It has been completely redesigned in the city of Fez bigger and better than the original”, the new Hyundai Fez exhibition room has been held in an area spread over 12,000m².

Released in strict compliance with international manufacturer’s standards, this new exhibition room features the new Hyundai Motors Company Certificate in the 2,078-meter area set aside for the exhibition of passenger cars and branding, with over 37 employees and after – a certified sales service with the manufacturer’s technical standards to ensure the best after-sales service for customers of the brand as well as access to a wide range of Hyundai spare parts and equipment.

The third best-selling brand in Morocco with a + 21% turnover at the end of May 2022, “so it is common for Hyundai Morocco to ensure quality presence in the Kingdom’s cultural capital”, reports media reports from the community .

Hyundai Morocco says it wants to be closer to its customers through its various locations in many of the Kingdom’s cities as it now covers 93 percent of Morocco’s regions with 31 sales points divided between branches and agreements.

Among the largest network of car dealerships in Morocco, the same source adds, these new opportunities allow Hyundai to meet new customers, but also provide them with better services in various parts of the country.

According to media reports, this proximity highlights the full offer in terms of sales of new personal and commercial vehicles, after-sales service that provides complete maintenance, repairs, body work, etc. and access to spare parts and accessories.

“The development of our network has been one of the catalysts for Hyundai growth in Morocco for years. It is also a testament to the trust of our customers, ”said Mr. Oussama Berrada Gouzi, Director General of Global Engines.

Bw. Berrada Gouzi also emphasized that “Hyundai’s current performance as well as our commitment to Hybrid component and full offer only reinforces this belief in our ability to offer technological solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs and inadequate after – service. sales “.

This opening, which coincided with the Réseau 2022 conference under the sign of quality and success as well as the presence of Mr. HyoungJung Im, Head of the Middle East Camp, Africa Headquarters, was a great opportunity for Hyundai Morocco to launch its new Hybrid range, now. is available in all exhibition exhibition rooms, hybrid designs from all areas offering the most innovation, play and technology.

The company invites “all customers in the city of Fez to come and visit Hyundai’s new exhibition room to benefit from special opening offers including discounts, free oil changes and new sponsorship formulas based on all budget gifts and items. a lot of surprises to discover instantly “.