Hyundai is taking its first hydrogen trucks to Germany

Hyundai is taking its first hydrogen trucks to Germany

Intended for the young company HyLane, the first copies of the Hyundai XCient Fuel-Cell have been delivered in Germany.

Hyundai continues to conquer the European market with its XCient hydrogen truck. After the success of the first phase of deployment in Switzerland, the Korean group is attacking the German market where it has released the first copies of its hydrogen heavy.

Shipped directly from the manufacturer’s South Korean factory, the first 7 copies were touched a few days ago. Intended for HyLane, a young company specializing in the rental of hydrogen trucks, is part of a global order for 27 vehicles.

It is a historic moment. After the successful launch of the Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell truck in Switzerland, we are expanding our operations in Europe and first targeting Germany. said Beat Hirschi, CEO of Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility, who came to greet the cars in person as soon as they arrived at the port of Bremerhaven.

Produced “naked”, the cars were sent directly to the body builders to be equipped. All cars brought in were sponsored by ministry Federation Transportation and Digital (BMVI) as part of a program coordinated by NOW GmbH.

With seven tanks providing a range of 400 km, Hyundai’s hydrogen trucks will be offered to professionals in rental form. ” We rent cars at a special price per kilometer, which allows our customers to use trucks according to their needs and with minimal risk. explains Sara Schiffer, general manager of hylane.