Hyundai celebrates 30 years in the French market with the new Hyundai Santa Fe!

Hyundai celebrates 30 years in the French market with the new Hyundai Santa Fe!

2023 Hyundai Santa Fe

In addition to sharing common characteristics such as unique design and electrified engines, the models in Hyundai’s vehicle range take their name from a place known for its touristic appeal, but above all a place with a strong personality. Hyundai SANTA FE is no exception to the rule.

The city of Santa Fe, the capital of the state of New Mexico, has a long and rich history. Despite its average population of about 84,000, the city shines in the region as an artistic and cultural center. Home to a multi-generational art community, Santa Fe is home to one of the most famous art markets in the world and has even earned the patronage of internationally recognized artist Georgia O’Keeffe.

With a unique blend of international, Spanish and Native American influences, the depth and diversity of Santa Fe’s cultural heritage make it a must-see. SANTA FE’s unique style and heritage make the Hyundai luxury car a perfect example of the city that shares its name.

Two stories, one name

Founded in 1610, Santa Fe is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Its historic center, crossed by winding roads, has many adobe-style tourist attractions, of which the San Miguel Chapel, a Spanish colonial mission church, is a perfect example. The oldest cathedral in the United States built in the 17th century is decorated with restored paintings and other works of art. Another example of an adobe tower, the Palais des Gouverneurs claims to be the oldest continuously occupied public building in the country.

As a city, Hyundai’s popular SUV has a long history. Presented to the European public for the first time in 2001, the SANTA FE is the brand’s oldest SUV. Now in its fourth generation, the D-segment SUV has benefited from numerous updates and upgrades since the model’s launch. In addition to a full range of technology and safety equipment, the SANTA FE offers a bold new design, and, for the first time, a wide choice of hybrid and rechargeable engines.

A look that is solid and refined

Like the enduring legacy of the Hyundai SANTA FE, the city is also showing signs of resilience. Nestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Santa Fe sits more than 2,000 meters above sea level. The steep landscape of the city is full of low earthen buildings that maintain a connection with their origins: the Pueblo Revival style, which is directly inspired by the traditional architecture of the Pueblos and that of the Spanish missions, SANTA FE follows this. way. Its bold and refined styling, its all-wheel drive and its strong SUV DNA combine to give it all its durability. Inheriting the rugged spirit of its predecessors, SANTA FE is perfectly situated in Santa Fe, where outdoor activities are an integral part of everyday life.

Off the beaten track

Contrary to popular belief, locals and visitors to Santa Fe experience all four seasons. In summer, the storm drains turn into trails that support many hiking and biking trails. Mountain peaks and hiking trails in the summer transform into ski resorts in the winter. In this changing environment, where the environment changes according to the seasons, it is important to have a vehicle capable of working on any type of terrain.

This is the true nature of the SANTA FE, which provides its driver with exceptional suspension comfort and road holding. HTRAC technology (only 265 hp plug-in model), whose name comes from the contraction of the words “Hyundai” and “gravity”, optimizes the advanced 4×4 system, ensuring faster behavior and better transmission of the couple., depending on wheel grip and vehicle speed.

The SANTA FE’s center console includes a terrain mode selector that allows switching between different driving modes, improving driving performance and HTRAC system settings. Thanks to this function, drivers can go through sand, snow and mud without fear of getting stuck.

Santa Fe is also a destination of choice for family vacations. Santa Fe is known for being a fun, safe and family-friendly city. If SUVs are originally designed for rough terrain, they are also suitable for long family trips. The improvement of the SANTA FE platform has made it possible to increase its loading capacity. With the seats in place, the 5-seater model offers a load volume of 634 liters, nine liters more than its predecessor. The 7-seat version benefits from an additional twenty-four litres, now offering a boot volume of 571 litres. Hyundai Smart Sense active safety technology and driver assistance such as Rear Passenger Presence Alert (ROA) and Assist Safe Exit (SEA) ensures drivers and passengers are fully protected.