Hyundai CAOA will sell the Ioniq Hybrid in Brazil

Hyundai CAOA will sell the Ioniq Hybrid in Brazil

Autos Segredos caught six crane trucks transporting 60 units of the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid. Sales should start soon

our friends from Car magazine July 2021, that Hyundai CAOA would sell the Ioniq Hybrid in Brazil. Now, more than a year later, the Mystery Cars confirms the information by seizing six crane trucks that brought 60 units of the hybrid that landed in the Port of Vitória (ES).


Photo | Hyundai/Disclosure – Hyundai Ioniq has a hybrid kit with a power of 141 hp and a torque of 27 kgfm

O Mystery Cars contacted Hyundai CAOA for information on the arrival of the Ioniq Hybrid in Brazil, however, as of the publication of this article, the group has not commented.

O Hyundai The Ioniq Hybrid was presented at the 2018 Auto Show and hybrid testing began in 2019. Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid units are already slated for sale. After all, approval tests started in 2019.

Each crane carried ten models of the Ioniq Hybrid and we counted six, which indicates that only the first 60 units of the first batch are intended for sale.

old Hyundai Ioniq

What is surprising is Hyundai CAOA’s choice to import the oldest model of the Ioniq family. Recently, Hyundai Motors presented the new Ioniq 5 and 6, both of which are 100% electric. The spy also reveals that the Ioniq Hybrid will not be sold in a Plug-in version. The old model still has a 100% electric version.

The Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid that CAOA will sell here has a Kappa 1.6 16v hot engine and an electric one. The petrol engine produces a power of 105 hp and a torque of 15 kgfm and works with an electric motor of 43.5 hp (32kw) and 17.3 kgfm. The combined final power is 141 and a total torque of 27 kgfm. The transmission is a two-speed dual-clutch automatic.

Hyundai Ioniq is 4.47 meters long, 2.04 meters wide, 1.46 meters tall and has a wheelbase of 2.70 meters. The trunk can carry up to 450 liters of cargo.

The Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid has lines that refer to the brand’s old visual identity. At the front, the headlamps are narrow and horizontal and the main grille has a geometric shape and a mesh with dotted elements. The daytime running lights are located at the ends of the bumper.

On the side, the hybrid model has a high waist and sides with a well-pronounced curve on the handles. At the rear, the trunk lid is very short and the taillights are horizontal with a small extension on the trunk lid, the lights are joined by an appliqué in Piano Black.

inside, Hyundai The Ioniq is nicely finished with a leather-wrapped dashboard that is replicated on the door linings and steering wheel cover. The multimedia center is of the floating type.

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