Hyundai and Michelin manufacture environmentally friendly tires for electric vehicles

Hyundai and Michelin manufacture environmentally friendly tires for electric vehicles

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From 2035, the sale of new fuel vehicles will be banned in Europe. Although this step already represents a major step towards environmental conservation, it seems that developers do not intend to stop there. According to the latest news, Hyundai and Michelin have signed a contract for the manufacture of environmentally friendly tires.

Tires are suitable for 100% electric vehicles

The new agreement was signed on June 17 at the Hyundai Research Center in Namyang. Lasting for three years, it follows the first contract which expired only after five years of cooperation between the two companies. This time, the latter have set themselves the goal of developing and producing a new generation of tires for electric vehicles.

Inside of Press release, Michelin explains that it wants to manufacture a tire with a lot of processed products. Its purpose is primarily to manufacture tires whose restored materials reach 50% of their weight, versus 20% for current models. In addition, the French manufacturer will also be working on a real-time monitoring system for new tires, like its American competitor, Goodyear.

In addition, it has also set itself the task of reducing tire production by developing “all-season” tires, which can be used in summer and winter. In particular, these should be suitable for all weather conditions.

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Innovation in pneumatic technology

The partnership with Michelin will drive real innovation in tire technology, further strengthening Hyundai Motor Group’s leadership position in the dynamic mobility industry. Said Bong-soo Kim, vice-president and director of the Hyundai Motor Group.

Finally, the new tires manufactured by Hyundai and Michelin should focus on the future electric models of the South Korean brand. The new Ioniq 6 should be the first car to benefit from this new technology.