Hyundai accelerates on the web3 highway with the IONIQ 6

Hyundai accelerates on the web3 highway with the IONIQ 6

CRM 3.0?

In April, Hyundai was said to be the first automaker to join the NFT community, releasing 30 untraceable tokens in partnership with “ Meter Cong “. At this time, the collection of NFT is given to wives IONIQ 6his new electric sedan.

The 5,000 new NFTs launched by Hyundai will therefore have the look of this unique and refined car. In addition, the South Korean manufacturer has created a membership program: IONIQ Citizenship – which offers lucky NFT owners a package with exclusive services. This exclusive program includes access to exclusive content, digital spaces and physical objects associated with the popular IONIQ 6. Some of the services offered will vary depending on their availability.

Among other things, NFT holders will be able to benefit from virtual fashion product donations, as well as VIP access to Hyundai’s virtual space in the ZEPETO metaverse. Hyundai Planet (in collaboration with Naver Z). They will also be able to exchange their gift card for a special NFT phone case (from the NFTYC brand, pronounced “NFT Your Case”). Finally, the company will gradually provide them with an interactive space designed to organize the event ” IONIQ Digital Garage “.

These 5,000 NFTs will be earned through 6 different themes: from fun driving to relaxing driving, through work, socializing, caring or even entertainment. Also, an important point: these NFTs will be free, just to benefit those who don’t want to speculate but value Hyundai.

Hyundai is constantly exploring new ways to connect and engage its customers. The collection of NFTs offered for IONIQ 6 is an important step to push the boundaries of NFTs, which are no longer simple products and investments but real vectors of events and stories (…) We will continue to provide a “phygital” experience, able to connect the real and virtual worlds, for a new generation of customers more accustomed to digital technologies “, Explain Thomas SchemeraExecutive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Customer Experience at Hyundai Motor Company.

In August, the manufacturer will continue to communicate about the innovative experience of its IONIQ line through the magazine NFT ” IONIQ Capsule “. Intended to strengthen ties with the community, this capsule will tell the story of the IONIQ line in an experimental format. Hyundai’s way of strengthening its relationship with its customers, all in an innovative way.