hypercar that is junk!

hypercar that is junk!

Other cars are expected during the shift and, unfortunately, they continue to play in Arles after several years. Among these, the apple of Mercedes-Benz’s eye: AMG One

Adapting the system from Formula 1 to road use is not an easy task. Single seat engines are actually very advanced and are designed for high speed use. So they don’t have much to do in traffic. However, this is a bet that Mercedes-Benz has launched to honor its incredible success in F1. To do this, German engineers have chosen to give birth to a hypercar in the best sense of the word, uncompromising but at the same time welcoming enough to show off in the streets of Monaco or on the Croisette. This wild beauty has a name: Mercedes-AMG ONE.

The heart of a champion!

The dimensions are amazing and do justice to the incredible CLK GTR, the latest car from the brand and the star. The ONE point is its guts as we find under the hood a Formula 1 engine! The power unit is directly derived from the world champion Mercedes W07 by Nico Rosberg in 2016. It’s a 1,600cc V6 turbocharged and backed by four electric motors. This natural gas plant develops a total power of 1000 horsepower! With a point reduced to 1,300 kg, 0 to 100 km / h should be hit in 2.5 seconds and 350 km / h should be easily exceeded. Only 275 copies will be produced, for a total price of €2,275,000 excluding tax. To reserve your child, you will need to pay a deposit of €500,000! This makes you think.

An engineering puzzle

But since its introduction in 2017, ONE is eagerly waiting. German engineers have developed gray hairs to improve the reliability of their jewel as the machines of the beast were not originally designed for road use. It was also necessary to work on the reduction of CO2 emissions since the extinction of ONE is set at a speed of 5,000 per hour. Despite all these obstacles, this Benz like no other should go into production from the second half of 2022. Except for the retrograde, of course …

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