Hulk’s Cadillac Escalade (and other supercars) are delivered via delivery – to the customer’s home |  cars

Hulk’s Cadillac Escalade (and other supercars) are delivered via delivery – to the customer’s home | cars

The problems with the equipment of the independent importers are exacerbated by restrictions in Miami, the city where most of the Brazilian designs come from.

THE quarantine placed in several municipalities in the country, added to the rise of the dollar, made business difficult and made companies offer an additional service: home delivery.

Direct Imports, from São Paulo, began to offer all the models in its showroom in delivery format, at no cost to the customer. because of high value carstransport will take place in a closed platform winch, which does not allow the visualization of the vehicle.

Hulk poses with his Cadillac Escalade (Photo: Reproduction/Facebook) — Photo: Auto Esporte

One of the available examples is Cadillac EscaladeThe favorite SUV of millionaires that became famous in the hands of the striker Hulk, who is currently defending the Shanghai SIGP.

Traveling in a closed truck ensures discretion (Photo: Disclosure) — Photo: Auto Esporte

The rise of the dollar, however, caused the price of cars to rise by more than 20%. For GM use, for example, the company is asking R$899,000. The importer also offers affordable models, such as the Tesla Model 3, for R$349,000.

Who told you to be short?
Trucking cars to a customer may sound trivial, but high-end models, especially high-end sports cars, require extra care when riding.

Because of the low ground clearance, cars like Ferrari 458 Italy and the Chevrolet Corvette it can scratch the bumper forward when climbing on the frame of the truck. Some versions have an option that raises the front by a few centimeters, but sometimes even that is not enough.

The best solution is the use of a winch whose cover becomes the basis of vehicle access. This design, however, is expensive and requires a larger truck.

In traditional winches, which tilt the climbing platform, the solution is to use a row of chocks to keep the vehicle on the base. Due to maintenance, this process is the same three times slower than a regular car ride – which usually takes five minutes.