how Waze wants to simplify life for the audience

how Waze wants to simplify life for the audience

The Tour de France kicks off tomorrow Friday from Copenhagen, and ends on Sunday July 24 in the Champs-Elysées after a 3,328-mile journey.

It is easy to imagine the difficulty that an organization of such events can represent, as well as the potential problems with traffic, for spectators who want to walk along the road and for drivers who, instead, want to. do everything possible to avoid the affected areas and pass the caravan.

It is in this context that Waze, the leading integrated mobile development program with 14 million users in France, announces that it has entered into a three-year partnership with Tour as part of the Waze Global Event program.

The stated plan allows for the exchange of data intended to reduce (as far as possible) traffic congestion daily alongside the race.

Be it departures and departures, temporary parking and real-time traffic, this co-pilot electronger must make a significant contribution to making life easier for drivers. ” This collaboration will bring the audience closer to the race », She is pleased with a representative of the Amaury Sport Organization (ASO), which organizes the Grande Boucle but also the Tour de France Women, an event that was also affected by the agreement with Waze. And to add that ” these will be well guided to reach the passing points of the champions and Champions of the Tour. »

The tour is really an incredible material challenge. Statistically, this provides 6 km of barriers placed at the beginning and end of each step, an area of ​​7 hectares to close the finishing area, 29,000 police and paramedics throughout the course, 4,400 panels placed by the department at risk. locations, 450 guides, 176 runners, and of course a few million spectators along the road. Waze, you will have a job!