How the Fiat Uno was even inspired to have sex in a new Brazilian movie – 07/13/2022

How the Fiat Uno was even inspired to have sex in a new Brazilian movie – 07/13/2022

Fans of car-themed movies have a great new feature in theaters: the Brazilian “Carro Rei,” written by Renata Pinheiro. In the science fiction plot, starring Matheus Nachtergaele, Okado do Canal and Jules Elting, Fiat Uno becomes alive and can talk, listen, do politics, love and even have sex with humans.

O Carro Rei, the star of the film, shares the spotlight with Uninho, the character of Alexandre Lima and Luciano Pedro Júnior, a boy who from an early age has the ability to communicate with cars. Together with the mechanic Zé Macaco, played by Matheus Nachtergaele, he transforms Uno who served his father’s taxi fleet into the king of cars.

The Fiat Uno was replaced by the Fiat Elba, a station wagon sold between 1986 and 1996.

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The story, which takes place in Caruaru, Pernambuco, discusses the relationship between men and machines. And to create the main character, he was inspired by large car customization workshops and young intellectuals who modify cars in their garages, by home modification and “old school”.

To get to the Carro Rei, art director Karen Araújo says that the Fiat Uno was replaced by the Fiat Elba, a station wagon built between 1986 and 1996 that was compact as a base.

“Since the idea was to be the king’s car, with a larger size, we left for Elba, which is basically an extension of the Uno, as if it had been transformed and reincarnated. sides, they had a face that resembled a human face and a different personality,” says the art director.

To create the more rounded shapes of the new design, a mixture of styrofoam and fiber was used, and headlamps, speakers and air vents were added in positions that resemble eyes, ears and mouth. “The implementation took one month, including the development of the design and specifications, the completion of the car was done in two months and involved many people. It is a big commitment to change the car”.

Inside, the whole model was upholstered in white to bring more modernity. The color blue was chosen as a nod to royal blood. Several residents of Caruaru, Pernambuco, participated in the painting of Carro Rei.

car sex

Mercedes character lives a love affair with a car, with the right to a scandal - Disclosure - Disclosure

The Mercedes character lives in love with the car, with the right to a disgusting scene

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One of the most interesting scenes in “Carro Rei” is the consummation of the car’s love affair with Mercedes (Jules Elting), a non-binary past character. There is a sequence of sex between man and machine, showing that King Car has reached the peak of human consciousness.

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