How much is the new Chinese plug-in SUV worth?

How much is the new Chinese plug-in SUV worth?

Lynk & Co 01

Just arrived in France, the young Lynk & Co brand is ready to shake up the automotive market by offering new types of utility. Owner or tenant? Check out our Lynk & Co 01 hybrid SUV review.

Lynk & Co. “. Although it may seem strange, this is a car brand. And if its name reminds you more of a mobile app or a high-end service…, know that you are very close to the truth. A young brand of the Chinese group Geely ( Volvo, Polestar, Lotus, Proton), Lynk & Co is launching 01: its first ambitious and modern PHEV, according to an order unknown to us.

Lynk & Co 01: inspired design

And it is even very inspired, since the Lynk & Co 01 SUV evokes many worlds of style for us and those around us, to whom we have presented it. Softly, we can first notice the small shape of the Ford Puma and the number of Porsche Macan in front. Kia and Audi a little behind… The bravest will even see a Ferrari F12 next to the headlights!

Beyond its exciting style, Lynk & Co 01 has yet to create its own identity. This does not prevent the SUV from showing successful lines in general, reminding us of its name well everywhere: if you count the rims, the Lynk & Co name appears no less than 7 times on the car. …and that’s not counting the interior.

The PHEV displays two attractive accents, in black or blue tinted blue, enhanced with electric blue on the window contours, grille and moldings. Its dimensions? Length 4.54 m, width 1.85 m and height 1.68 m. It’s enough to make it a car that is satisfying and suitable for urban environments. The finish is in any case of very good quality, up to Lynk & Co’s high expectations.

Motoring and autonomy: on familiar ground

If the Lynk & Co 01 is new from the outside, it still has some familiar downsides. The plug-in hybrid SUV borrows from the mechanics of the Volvo XC40 T5 Recharge. Or 3-cylinder 1.5 gasoline turbo 180 horsepower and electric motor, for a total of 261 horsepower. All are paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. On the road, this kit translates into good performance, between comfort and responsiveness.

Despite its weight of 1,879 kg, the 01 knows how to be active enough when overtaking and other applications. Gear changes are very smart in all situations. Only hard braking makes us feel when the gearbox is downshifting, which is quite normal.

In terms of endurance, 69 km of all-electric autonomy is entrusted to a large battery with a useful capacity of 14.1 kWh (17.6 total). Freedom that we have tested for 51 km in practice, on a mixed urban/country route. A little under promise, it can still reach between 75 and 80 km in the city.

Our average fuel consumption was 4.6 l/100 km (petrol) and 8.8 kWh/100 km (electricity). There is no doubt that you will be able to travel a few kilometers more than us on a light foot. For better performance management, three types of “Pure”, “Hybrid”, and “Power” are available to us. 100% pure electric, active in the city and valuable when driving and up to 100 km/h. Hybrid mode allows for good highway driving performance (our go-to mode). Finally, Power Mode calls up all available power for pickup and reboot.

Life on board: first comfort, high technology

On board, Lynk & Co 01 welcomes us to a cabin that this time shows a real person. Starting with the little sports seats, which offer good support and first-class comfort. Again, the logos of “Lynk & Co” are army! But there is no need to do that, because 01 made us agree on the care taken inside. If some elements are undoubtedly from Volvo (gearbox control, stalks, steering wheel controls), we were surprised that Lynk & Co 01 had the right to get its own dashboard – of high quality and very successful – as well as the multimedia system of 12.7 inches dedicated. to him. Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (both wireless), the infotainment is intuitive, if sometimes slow to respond.

The interface is logical and well thought out, which is not always obvious for Volvo, precisely. Note also the large number of standard equipment and driving aids in Lynk & Co. heated seats, sunroof, in-dash charger, 10-speaker Infinity sound system, adaptive cruise control, reversing camera … Everything is a series! Difficult to do well, when everything is already there.

Comfort continues in the back, with generous legroom and a boot of 466 liters. Note that once folded down, the rear seats provide a flat floor for increased cargo volume. The SUV is very powerful in terms of standard equipment, to the point of having only one option to offer: the bumper.

At the wheel: intelligent behavior, strong stopping power

On the road, our company’s Lynk & Co 01 shows the rigor and precision in normal operation. Equipped with Continental EcoContact 6 tires, the PHEV knows how to stay in the city and on the highway. However, it is enough to arrive with a little force in a bend or on a circuit to pick up and activate the ESP. Not really suitable for sports driving (although that’s where it can be fun), the SUV prefers a clean ride. In terms of safety: be careful, bad brakes! It took us a few minutes to get used to the 01’s brake bite, which is excellent at any speed.

The emergency braking is also very good, and knows how to intervene when necessary. Suffice it to say that we quickly learned to stay in B mode (regenerative braking) for balanced driving. Rather quiet, the Lynk & Co 01 remains up to 110 km/h if there is not much wind. Plus, less music in the awesome Infinity system and no more parasitic noises!

Lynk & Co 01: €41,500 or €500 per month?

The young brand from Geely stands out from the competition due to its different ways of use. Although the Lynk & Co 01 is available to buy for €41,500 (excluding bonuses), it can also be rented for €500 per month.

Unlike a lease, there are no commitment restrictions with 01. You can cancel at any time. Better yet, you can even transfer your car to another user through the mobile app if you don’t plan to use your car for a certain period of time. Whether renting or buying exclusively, Lynk & Co has the advantage of being fully equipped at this price, with no expensive options (except for the tow hook at €1,020). And with the quality of said accessories, coupled with high utility behind the wheel, the Lynk & Co 01 deserves a closer look.

Lynk & Co 01 – test review

  • Design and neat finish
  • Overall performance
  • Urban and road comfort
  • Fully fitted as standard

  • Lack of assertive identity
  • The multimedia system is slow to respond
  • Handling in dynamic driving