How much is the first Chinese Lynk & Co 01 hybrid SUV worth?  Answer in our essay

How much is the first Chinese Lynk & Co 01 hybrid SUV worth? Answer in our essay

It is not easy to keep a foreigner in terms of style. At the same time as different from the pack and without any real personality, he blends into the background a little without making waves. There are a few Ford Pumas, a Kia Sportage and an Audi in its frame, but they’re all balanced if not well-painted. Inside, however, Lynk & Co offers a private world. The dashboard remains very modern in its design but all the controls are used normally, The ergonomics are good with a good combination of tactile / physical keys and above all, the choice of materials gives the feeling of being in a car that the designers have neglected. Even if the plastic is there, it is often beautifully made, flexible materials are not missing and there are all the necessary equipment on board. Even those you don’t care about, because Lynk & Co have chosen not to offer any options apart from the €1,020 towbar!

Panoramic sunroof, 10-speaker Infinity sound system, induction charger, dual-zone climate control, 64 GB of internal storage to keep music inside, plenty of driving accessories… Nothing is missing. We can regret that the large 12.7-inch touch screen suffers from waiting between certain menus, but nothing prevents. And In terms of accommodation, the 01 also scores good points for being especially generous to rear passengers, more than the XC40 with similar exterior dimensions. Legroom is generous, the bedroom is adequate for most sizes and the width will allow two adults to be comfortable. Ditto for the trunk, which has no adjustable floor but a space underneath, big enough to hold several charging cables.

Known mechanics

Because yes, Lynk & Co 01 is a rechargeable hybrid! It actually uses the Volvo XC40 T5 Recharge mechanics and combines a 3-cylinder 1.5 turbo of 180 hp with an electric motor, for a total of 261 nags. It’s enough to ensure good performance, but nothing extra: with 1,879 kg declared, it takes all that to pass and fit on the expressway without expecting too much. Everything is coordinated by a smooth gearbox with two-speed dual-clutch, which rarely notices on certain low changes. The rest of the time, it effectively mixes between electricity and fuel, the transition between the two is often clear. 01 also has an attractive chassis, with a damping that filters the road fittings well without hitting like a marshmallow in turns. Not to mention the playability, you can still maintain good speed at the wheel of Lynk & Co, especially since the steering is quite stable, despite feeling very artificial. You just have to remember the weight of the beast, because the Continental EcoContact 6 tires quickly fill their grip, forcing the ESP to calm things down with heavy braking.

Applying the brakes to control

Regarding this issue, Lynk & Co has taken care of security by providing 01 no powerful and reassuring brakes. On the other hand, it is very difficult to swallow, and it’s not unusual for you to find your head on the steering wheel after pressing the middle pedal so hopefully. Besides this very sensitive brake that you have to get used to, we have discovered another amazing thing: in mode B, which activates regenerative braking when the foot is lifted, the brake pedal sinks on its own under the impact of deceleration. It bothers you when you least expect it! The last point that could be improved, sound deadening is good below 90 km/h but once you pass this threshold, the wind noise starts to become very audible.

big battery

Lynk & Co promises up to 69 kilometers of full electric freedom (and even 81 kilometers in the city) thanks to a useful battery of 14.1 kWh. In fact, expect a good 50 km, or even a little more if you have light foot. By default, hybrid mode prefers electric all the time as long as the battery allows it, even on the highway. It’s enough to see freedom melt away too don’t hesitate to use the Storage mode which allows you to maintain the battery charge without having much impact on the usage. We have actually activated this charge adjustment on various routes (fast lane and secondary network) for about fifty kilometers and the on-board computer settled on 6.9 l/100 km, a respectable figure given the heavy weight. Throughout our route and with a full battery, the car averaged 4.8 l/100 km for petrol and 8.9 kWh/100 km for electricity.

Several ways to drive in Lynk & Co

Count €41,500 to get a Lynk & Co 01, but that’s not the only way to get this car. This brand is betting on car sharing and is also committed to being a member of Lynk & Co. Against the sum of €500 per month, your membership allows you to use 01 SUV, within a limit of 1,250 km. So you can get 15,000 km a year if you sign up every month, but you’ll never own the car and have to return it when you stop paying. the practical side is that registration can be canceled at any time, which avoids spending money on a car when you don’t need it. Finally, for those who only need a car from time to time, it will be soon it is possible to rent one from the owners. Accountants set the price and time they would like to make their car available, and the Lynk & Co mobile app is responsible for communicating with everyone.

The future will show whether these formulas will be successful or not, but there still seems to be a desire to rent an expensive product like a car to complete the guests, even occasionally. In any case, those who take advantage of the opportunity will have a pleasant and versatile SUV, which has nothing to do with it.