How much does speed cost?  Road Safety is responding!

How much does speed cost? Road Safety is responding!

The Walloon Road Safety Campaign emphasizes the economic cost of speeding to get drivers to slow down.

The Walloon Road Safety Agency has launched a new campaign against speeding on the roads. And the latter gives pride of place to a new way of communicating. In fact, stop dangerous communication. The campaign called “Speed ​​has a price” gives pride of place at an economical price for speed.

“We’ve tried everything to convince you to slow down… so if talking about broken lives isn’t enough, maybe we can talk about money, he recalls this message with a despairing voice. So, the end communicates the annual cost of driving at a given speed instead of the legal one.

The Walloon Quarter drives slowly to save fuel

An idea that can be compared to the recently published Walloon study. In the end, 25% of those surveyed said they were driving slowly in the first place save fuel. The economic argument is among the highest to justify the fact of slowing it down. So the idea of ​​authority to play on it with this message.

To drive the point home, a dedicated website for this campaign is available. This lets you know how much is extra and fine. This by entering the characteristics of his car and his driving habits.

Wallonia is fighting fast

Note that the Walloon government has recently been controversial on the speed issue. Indeed, the climate minister of the Walloon region, Philippe Henry, suggested slow down to 100 km/h on the highway!

Anticipating the transfer of traffic to other roads, he also mentioned the idea of ​​increasing the speed of 90 to 70 km / h on regional roads. And of 50 km/h to 30 km/h, in urban areas. This in order, order reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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