how Mitsubishi was able to connect its customers with experiences such as public meetings and tours – Money Times

how Mitsubishi was able to connect its customers with experiences such as public meetings and tours – Money Times

The relationship with customers goes beyond the car: the brand invites them to immerse themselves in a life full of outdoor adventures.

More than a simple way to get from point A to B, the car we have in the garage can be integrated into our lifestyle. Taking the kids to school, going to work, shopping and commuting is much more enjoyable in a comfortable, powerful vehicle that is tailored to our tastes, goals and aspirations.

Knowing the important role of cars for their owners, Mitsubishi Motors strives, beyond providing quality cars, to provide a community experience to its customers.

A 4×4 vehicle brand, which represents adventurous outdoor spiritpromotes a lifestyle on board its SUVs.

For more than 20 years, the company has been organizing tours and events and itineraries that encourage the use of features of the car that are not always explored by those who drive in the city every day.


“Mundo Mit”: the feeling of belonging to the world of 4 × 4

This social integration program of Mitsubishi is so effective within the company that it has a name: “Mundo Mit”, which has been in existence for 26 years.

The goal is to offer customers a unique experience: they are invited, together with family and friends, to participate in tours and public meetings enjoying the most beautiful landscapes in Brazil in unforgettable moments.

These events are aimed at professional pilots and first time travelers: hrs National 4×4 Mitsubishithere is room for everyone.

So much so that the program offers four routes, aimed at different interests: from a quiet family trip to high-performance testing schedules.


Family tours and events

in the situation The Mitsubishi Experienceowners of L200, Pajero, ASX, Outlander and Eclipse Cross enjoy the best off-road itineraries in Brazil, reaching places few cars can reach.

The Experience Path is selected by category. THE Tourism no experience or minimum age is required: the idea is to enjoy the journey in 4×2 and 4×4 vehicles and they are suitable for Beginners and those with children.

already The Mitsubishi 4×4 Experience range it is reserved for 4WD vehicles and is ideal for owners looking for fun, to enjoy beautiful scenery, as well as a lot of challenges, to test their vehicle’s off-road capabilities.

Challenge yourself at Mitsubishi Outdoor

For Mitsubishi Outside, the competition becomes more fun. Combining a road rally with an unforgettable cultural and sports experience, the idea of ​​the race is to express the strategy to get points. Surrounded by nature, participants face the sticks in their 4×4 and challenge their limits in climbing, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, craft workshops and even cooking.

Teams starting out or those just looking for fun can apply by category happiness, with easy and intermediate level activities and routes. Ready category extreme it is aimed at more experienced teams, who are ready to overcome difficulties on difficult courses.

Mitsubishi Motorsports: all the way

When the “jokes” are at their worst, MIT World keeps you inside Mitsubishi Motorsports, regular meeting. Owners of Pajero, L200, ASX, Outlander, Outlander Sport and Eclipse Cross in 4×4 versions are divided into three groups, according to their level: beginners participate in Light tourism; those with moderate experience join the Tourism and experienced are nominated by category Pro.

Mitsubishi Cup: the most professional of all

The fastest cultural meeting of one brand in South America, the Cup is one of the premier off-road events in the country. Aimed at drivers, navigators and rally teams with exclusive Mitsubishi 4×4 competition models – L200 Triton Sport R and RS, L200 Triton ER and Outlander Sport R -, whoever arrives first wins.


2021 was amazing

In 2021, for example, 4 × 4 nation ended the year with a big party at the Autodromo Velocitta, in Mogi Guaçu, in São Paulo. It was on fields in the area that 270 cars participated in three categories in the final stage of the rally – Mitsubishi Motorsports, Mitsubishi Outdoor and Mitsubishi Cup. After the auditions, everyone was able to watch a unique presentation of two people in Fernando and Sorocaba.

In the past year, Mitsubishi Motors has announced 25 events in 16 cities across Brazil. This season brought together 16,780 participants, who were able to enjoy wonderful events with family and friends in their Mitsubishi cars.

And this year there is more; see the 2022 MIT World schedule

2022 calendar of my world It is already open, with taste in all regions of the country. For those who want to participate in The Mitsubishi Experiencethe next scheduled visits are Chapada dos Guimarães (MT), Palmas (TO), Rio de Janeiro and Porto Velho (RO).

O Mitsubishi Motorsport will start in April with actions in São Francisco de Paula (RS), Itaipava (RJ), Ibitipoca (MG), Aracaju (SE), Urubici (SC), Fortaleza (CE) and Mogi Guaçu (SP), until November.

already Mitsubishi Outside it has the first three cities of Motorsport stages and then completes with Urubici and Mogi Guaçu, between April and November. It is Mitsubishi Cup starts in March with 7 scheduled stages, all on circuits in São Paulo.

Mit4You: a package of customer solutions

The benefits of being a Mitsubishi customer go far beyond the events promoted by the company.

When buying a Mitsubishi car, the customer can feel welcomed by a set of after-sales solutions, as well as several benefits. For this, the brand created Mit4Youexclusive benefit program for customers, which has partners such as Iaucard and Sem Parar.

Check below the main advantages inside the umbrella Mit4You:

  • MIT card: with the Itatucard Platinum card, customers make their various payments and 5% of the total purchase is converted into points. These points can only reduce the cost of repairs in the first three years of the car in the nationwide network of Mitsubishi dealers;
  • MIT Insurance: With the HPE agency, customers have the lowest insurance prices on the market and, in the event of an accident, the vehicles will be repaired at the brand’s dealers. The insurance covers other protection such as house, life, pets, etc.;
  • MIT Registration: the customer pays the monthly rent and Mitsubishi Motors pays everything else: from documentation to maintenance;
  • Simple MIT: in collaboration with Iaucard, the customer has differentiated financing terms, such as easy entry and reduced installments to buy their Mitsubishi with zero kilometers;
  • MIT support: 24×7 support service with services in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile, and support in case of electrical, mechanical or even accidents;
  • MIT Non-stop: zero kilometer vehicles already come with Sem Parar, automatic parking tag and toll payment.

To learn more about Mitsubishi’s actions with customers, join MIT World and get Mit4Youwith all the benefits and advantages of being a Mitsubishi Motors customer, access here.